Younique revamps its quick start program for increased revenue potential

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / July 2, 2021 / Younique, a direct-to-consumer beauty product company based in Lehi, Utah, has revealed some changes to its quick start program. The successful program has inspired many new presenters in the past, but now there are more opportunities to succeed early instead of facing hardships.

In an industry where so many people are looking for ways to work from home and grab an opportunity together, Younique hopes their Quick start program brings in new people savvy in business and eager to succeed. The company’s start-up price has now dropped to $ 35 for new presenters. After paying the cost, a wide range of tools will then be available to learn how to become a quality presenter with the business. It goes over many basics, income opportunities and more.

Another incentive for new presenters through the program is to offer a discounted bundle of top selling products that Younique has had for a long time. Everything included in the package is discounted, which will increase profit margins when you attempt to make that first sale. One of the main goals of the Fast Start program is to get that first sale quickly to inspire presenters to continue growing their business.

The total cost of investing as a new presenter with the Fast Start program if you also purchase the discounted product pack is $ 99. As sales increase, there will be more rewards and incentives to keep presenters engaged and eager to meet sales goals. Newcomers with other direct selling companies may feel deflated without making a sale early on. This program aims to help individuals achieve success as quickly as possible during those first 90 days.

The transition to work from home opportunities has been going on for some time, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the movement for many. Whether someone already enjoys Younique products or looking to jump into the beauty industry, the Fast Start program inspires those looking to transition for the better.

New presenters aren’t the only ones benefiting from this announcement. Those who are already with Younique also have the option to purchase the best-selling packs at a reduced price. This can boost sales and make the next summer months very successful for high profile presenters. Younique constantly strives to offer incentives to all presenters throughout the year to keep motivation high.

Those interested can take advantage of the effective quick start program immediately by visiting the company’s website. For more information on the company’s mission, as well as all of the products it currently offers, visit them at

About Younique

Launched in 2012, Younique has grown into one of the most trusted companies in the beauty industry. Their direct selling setup gives individuals the ability to be a part of the business and also sell products as presenters. Affordable with a mission to build self-esteem for all customers, the company continues to launch innovative products throughout the year that reflect current trends.

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