You can buy the Overwatch 2 cosmetic bundle items separately now

Bundles offer value, in theory, but Monitor 2 the cosmetic bundles weren’t too good for some vocal fans. After a flurry of requests to allow players to purchase bundled items separately, Blizzard acquiesced and implemented the feature, albeit somewhat reluctantly.

“While we believe bundles represent great value for players who wish to purchase all included items, we understand that some players may wish to purchase certain bundled items separately at their full price,” Blizzard said in the post. forum announcing the change.

Surveillance cosmetic packs offer a range of items, including skins, weapon charms, and banner sprays, at prices ranging from 4% off the original price to 20% or more. Looks like a steal, unless you see, say, Mercy’s Halloween outfit, not the pumpkin prop or banner items.

Blizzard said the change is now live on all platforms, though the current store, which refreshes November 7, 2022, doesn’t appear to reflect the new system yet. Items from both Halloween packs stay locked together, and the regular packs also don’t let you choose which items you want to buy. The same goes for Seasonal Packs, including the Battle Pass Pack and the Sojourn Pack.

Presumably, the change will take effect once the store refreshes in a week. If Mei cosmetics appear, you might want to wait a bit longer. Mei won’t be playable for a while.

Written by Josh Broadwell on behalf of GLHF

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