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Max Collins

For most of us, daily schedules are limited to waking up, showing up for work (physically or virtually), and daily chores. Other people, however, go beyond the sleep-work-eat-repeat mode and put a little more weight on their backs. Have you ever wondered how celebrities can travel to their shoots, photos, guests, endorsements and interviews, while maintaining a positive work-life balance and taking care of themselves and their families? Actress, model, endorser and new GMA mom Max Collins talks coping with the pandemic, time management, her parenting style and self-care secrets.

Stay on top of the game

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on the entertainment industry, but this To Have and To Hold and Citizen Jake star has remained resilient. When she was pregnant, giving birth in the hospital was risky at that time, so she decided to give birth at home. Finally in July 2020, she gave birth to Baby Skye.

After giving birth, Max found it difficult to decide whether to go back to work given the restrictions and the whole entertainment industry drastically changing its system. “I have to be away from my baby for months at a time. Eventually I adapted, but it wasn’t easy. I tried to find more ways to work from home and have a stronger online presence. Nothing is more fulfilling than watching my son grow up before my eyes as a happy, healthy and loving boy,” she said.

Take care of yourself as much as possible

“I used my strength as a mother to motivate me to be a better version of myself. I was able to lose weight and feel good about my appearance with the help of Le Meur Aesthetics which I endorse and from my fitness trainers Coach Inigo Hizon and Citadel Bernardo,” the Kapuso actress said.

“I choose products and brands that reflect my lifestyle and personal style. One of the reasons I chose to be an endorser for Le Meur is because of its founder, Mae Ng, who is a patron at the age of 27. I enjoy working with empowered women who enjoy empowering others. I also love how Le Meur is so dedicated to bringing the best of French skincare and beauty care technology to the Philippines,” she said.

Le Meur Aesthetics, one of the country’s most trusted brands when it comes to the latest French technology, has brought global beauty innovations to help Filipinos achieve healthier, more beautiful skin and bodies. So, given how exhausted Max’s hysterical daily schedule is, she still manages to don stylish outfits and smile for the camera, despite the daily pressure, thanks to Le Meur.

Max is beyond grateful that there are skincare products that help keep her looking young. And how far does she go when it comes to skincare? “I’ve had so many non-invasive treatments and I’m so happy with the results. I’ve had botox on my face several times, Youth 360 – which is my favorite – Exilis and Meso Lipo which has helped my arms look smaller. I was also addicted to their new treatment for the summer, the Em Sculpt Neo which helps tone my stomach, arms and butt,” she shared.

Despite the busy schedule, Max’s priorities are always self-care and self-love. After all, taking care of yourself means taking care of yourself to be physically and mentally healthy. For example, yoga has really helped her focus on her true center, and she also acknowledges how exercise, in general, has greatly improved her mental and emotional health.

Getting up early and adopting healthy habits helped her manage her time more effectively. “I’m still learning to manage my stress and pressure, but what I’ve found helpful is when I find time for myself early in the morning. I like waking up at 5 a.m. while my son is still sleeping, doing yoga or jogging, making sure I breathe deeply, take a cold shower, and find a nice outfit to wear, that I stay home. home or not, I find that starting the day on the right foot puts me in a good state of mind,” she said.

“I prioritize my well-being, as it is reflected in everything I do. When I’m in a good mood, I feel more grateful and overall I’m a better person. I try to de-stress either by exercising, having a good cup of coffee, pampering myself with a massage or visiting my Le Meur. I do my best to take care of my physical appearance as it is an important part of my job; as an actress, I have to be beautiful,” Max added.

Kapuso actress

For Max, the most fulfilling part of being an actress is being able to do justice to her roles, when she’s able to affect the audience and make them sympathize with a character, even ones you don’t like. normally because she finds great satisfaction in it. by humanizing imperfect characters.

“What I love about my job is that my next role is always a surprise – a different character, different story, setting, cast and crew. You never get bored,” she smiles. What about her ultimate dream character to embody? “It would be similar to one of the Euphoria characters, a bit dark, complex and problematic. I don’t really have a particular dream role, but I have dream plans which are to do a project in Los Angeles one day, and also to have the chance to work with director Connie Macatuno,” said Max.

work-life balance

Achieving balance in all aspects of daily life, managing time wisely, prioritizing what’s important, having enough time for family, while leaving quality time for yourself is crucial for mental health of everyone because it reduces stress levels, improves physical health, makes you more productive, and strengthens the bond you share with the people you love. Max believes that in order to be successful in all aspects of her life, whether it’s being an actress, model or mother, she must first be happy on and off camera. (Manila Entertainment Bulletin)



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