Why Male Clients At This Luxury London Skincare Clinic Love The Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

A very popular destination for men looking for a luxury cosmetic clinic that has achieved great success in the field of anti-wrinkle treatments in London. Here at Artistry Clinic London, some of the most sought after doctors and therapists, experts in treating fine lines and wrinkles on the face, bring the benefits to men of all ages.

It’s no surprise, then, that Dr Sarah Shah of Artistry Clinic London is well known in some of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods and offices where their clients can easily visit them for an ‘add-on’ during a lunch break. . Conveniently located in the City of London making it an ideal destination for those living in nearby locations such as Fulham, Chelsea, Kensington, Notting Hill, Tower Hamlets, Southwark etc.

London anti-wrinkle treatment for men is on the rise

The number of men seeking skincare in London is growing at a rapid rate every year.

Almost one in 10 procedures were performed on men last year across the UK, according to BAAPS. Anti-wrinkle was the most popular treatment with over 7,000 completions, followed by gynecomastia surgery and eyelid surgery. UK plastic surgeons reported a 70% increase in consultations for cosmetic surgery in 2020.

“Men are just starting to get really interested,” says Dr. Shah. “They’re interested in taking care of themselves.”

“The number of men receiving anti-wrinkle procedures has grown steadily since 2002, when Allergan began marketing them directly to consumers. The company says approximately 10% of skin care procedures are now to men, double from four years ago.Doctors say they are seeing an even greater increase in their male patient population.

Men have different reasons for wrinkle remedies

Men and women have different reasons for anti-wrinkle treatments, according to new research. Men tend to seek anti-wrinkle injections – which are used to treat wrinkles – because they feel their facial appearance doesn’t match their actual age, a UK study has found. Popular Male Reasons For London Anti Wrinkle Treatments Include –

Here are the main factors contributing to this phenomenon:

Men have come to realize that they can use Anti-Wrinkle to look younger and improve their appearance.

The media and popular culture have also played an important role in educating men about the benefits of anti-wrinkles.

Reduce their wrinkles so they can maintain a competitive edge at work.

Stay attractive to their partner.

What does Dr. Sarah Shah say about popular treatments for men?

“Anti-wrinkle is an excellent treatment for forehead wrinkles and is one of the most popular anti-wrinkle cosmetic products for men. It is used to reduce the appearance of vertical folds on the forehead and wrinkles Similarly, crow’s feet is generally a safe and effective procedure for men.It is achieved by injecting anti-wrinkle into the areas to smooth out the fine lines that make a person look tired and more The whole process takes about 20 minutes and within a few days he will notice a difference in the appearance of his eyes.

It’s not just about looking good

Many men suffer from arthritis and back pain, which gives them a hunched appearance. To remedy this, a treatment in the traps on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This treatment relaxes overactive muscles and reduces tension in the neck and shoulder area.

The treatment not only improves posture, but also reduces headaches, relieves pain and makes it easier for patients to lift their heads.

Thus, the men who receive treatment in London are not treated solely out of vanity; they are also medically beneficial. Many male patients at Artistry Clinic London say they almost always end up reporting how much better they feel after their treatments to help with their health issues.

For more information on treatments for men at our London clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

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