When it comes to skin care, hand cream should be the top priority

With most skincare routines today, the focus is usually on the face while the hands are subjected to secondary treatment or an afterthought. We have to remember that every time we wash our hands they lose moisture, become dry and dehydrated. In our current altered way of life, life without perpetual hand washing and disinfection is unfathomable. Here is why investing in a good hand cream is the absolute necessity of the moment.

â–  Moisturizing: The skin on the back of our hands is thinner and has fewer sebaceous glands, which makes it more prone to drying out. In comparison, the skin on our palms is much thicker, so in order for moisture to penetrate this area, it is advisable to use a hand cream that uses effective formulations that are infused with the benefits of vitamin C and of hyaluronic acid and promises hydration with anti-bacterial properties.

â–  Cleaning: Hands are arguably the most valuable asset used to access and communicate with the world. Most often, they are often prone to invisible bacteria and germs. Excessive use of hand wash or disinfectant can damage the sensitive skin on your hands; thus, it is recommended to opt for a high quality antibacterial hand cream which can serve the dual purpose of hydration and protection against germs.

â–  Combating aging: what the face hides, the hands reveal themselves, is true in terms of age. Our hands spend as much time exposed to the outside elements as our faces and when we neglect to take care of them, we leave them defenseless against the effects of aging. A dermatologist-recommended hand cream will help increase hydration levels and skin elasticity, while fighting pigmentation, dehydration, and premature wrinkles.

â–  Therapy in a Tube – The ritual of applying hand cream can be a peaceful experience and a quick escape from a hectic day. The gentle massage of hands as they soak in all the hydration is known to calm nerves, relieve anxiety, and unclog mental pores. This short “myself” break gives us a moment of introspection that can do wonders not only for our hands but also for our mind.

â–  Happy Cuticles: The area around the nails is designed to protect our nails from bacterial infections. The excessive hand washing process can make the cuticles dry and scaly, making them vulnerable to bacterial infections. Applying a good quality hand cream will ensure that the cuticles and nails are nourished and well cared for, leaving them looking healthy, bright and shiny.

Using a hand cream is a healthy living practice, which will go a long way in ensuring that our hands stay protected and well hydrated.

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