What’s the trend? Most Read APAC Beauty Market Stories and Consumer Insights


1 – Vulnerable but irreplaceable: Indian sandalwood essential for creating the nostalgic notes consumers want during the pandemic

The unique composition of Indian sandalwood makes it the best ingredient to harness to create nostalgia in perfumery and personal care in times of pandemic, says supplier.

In the past troubled year, people have turned to nostalgia for solace and to cope with the instability brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We see this trend around nostalgia and it really stems from the COVID scenario. It diffuses into a number of different segments, from food to fragrances, reminiscent of a time when life was simpler ”,Explains Vanessa Ligovich, Marketing Director at Quintis Sandalwood, an Australian supplier of sandalwood products.

This is further driving demand for sandalwood already popular in wellness and personal care segments, including room fragrances, perfumery and personal care.

2 – Baby boom: MyGlamm is expanding into mother and baby care with more than 80 new products on the way

MyGlamm, backed by Amazon, to launch more than 80 new personal care products to exploit the fast growing mom and baby care segment in India.

This news follows the company’s announcement of the acquisition of the online parenting platform BabyChakra and the investment of INR 100cr ($ 13.5 million) to create a content commerce platform. focused on mom and baby over three years.

Naiyya Saggi, Founder and CEO of BabyChakra will join the MyGlamm group as co-founder and chairman and spearhead the mom-to-baby vertical for the company.

The company is preparing to launch more than 80 products in this category under the BabyChakra brand over the next eight to 12 months.

3 – “A Change Is Happening”: Why Brands That Emphasize Scientific Accuracy Will Replace Clean Beauty Companies – 5 to 5

The founders of a new 5 to 5 skincare brand expect clean beauty trend to decline in the years to come and to be replaced by brands based on solid science.

5 to 5 was co-founded by Nico Yosman and Selvie Jusman, both of whom have backgrounds in finance.

Launched in June, the Singapore-based brand’s philosophy is that whatever it does “From product development to marketing communication” should be “Rooted in science”.

Yosman and Jusman believe that information that clean beauty brands tend to market, such as fear of certain ingredients, is contributing to its downfall.

4 – Tailor-made for India: Quench Botanics launches products inspired by K-beauty adapted to local consumers

Quench Botanics operates the rising K wave with Korean-inspired beauty products that have been modified to better suit Indian consumers.

The brand was designed to provide Indian consumers with a K-beauty experience tailored to their needs, concerns and lifestyle.

For example, unlike conventional K-beauty brands, Quench Botanics does not adopt a lengthy 10- or 12-step skincare routine.

“It’s one of the most important things for us. Indian consumers spend no more than seven to ten minutes per day on skin care. Therefore, to expect them to follow a long 10-step routine would be unrealistic ”,said Janvi Kapadia, Brand Manager of Quench Botanics.

5 – WATCH – ‘Ageless beauty’: Shiseido and Native Extracts on how inclusiveness and acceptance are altering developments in skin aging

In this episode of Beauty Broadcast, we explore how the changing perception of aging is pushing cosmetic companies like Shiseido and Native Extracts to completely rethink the “anti-aging” skin care category.

In this age of inclusiveness and acceptance, the fear of aging is slowly diminishing. The story moves away from anti-aging to age well and age in an authentic way.

“Consumers these days are much more open and they are more positive about aging… We have seen that they don’t just focus on problem solving, they now embrace aging and all stages of life” said Bow Tachamahachai, Regional Brand Manager, Shiseido APAC.

When it comes to skin aging, the focus is now more on health and healthy appearance rather than aesthetics.


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