What Dow’s New Ingredient Kits Mean for the Supplier’s Future

Chemical supplier Dow used in-Cosmetics Global in April to introduce two new ingredient kits to the personal care world. Sandro Sato, global head of sensory and cosmetic actives segment at Dow Consumer Solutions, told CosmeticsDesign that the theme for the company’s new launches is “from promised to proven.”

Sato said that between the two kits, the ECOllaboration Concepts collection and a kit for textured hair products, the company wanted to show off a range beyond its silicone roots in personal care.

Additionally, the new kits incorporate a more story-centric approach, which Sato says is increasingly appealing to consumers and contract builders and brands finding them more desirable.

Sustainable ingredients with high-performance and eco-trendy uses

At in-Cosmetics, Dow showcased eight Sustainable Ingredient Kit formulations, all of which were at least 90% naturally derived. Among the formulations were hair products, unwrapped deodorants and a variety of color cosmetics.

While the formulations are marketed as sustainable, Sato also said Dow took a holistic approach to the entire process of creating the formulations, such as using packaging sourced close to the production plant to reduce the ‘carbon footprint.

“You have to go beyond the ingredients”said Sato. “It’s really about making sure we’re investing the right kind of resources and technological developments on ingredients that have the same level of performance or better, but also carry sustainability claims that weren’t there before. “

Sato said this launch took Dow ten years, part of a long-term effort to bring ingredients ahead of trends. Reflecting trends seen across the market, the company’s own research found that consumers around the world are concerned about sustainability.

But beyond just bringing natural products to market, he said consumers want to know the story behind the products they buy.

In addition to interest, Sato said consumers are increasingly willing to spend more on a natural product with a lasting narrative, which means Dow wants to have the right ingredient and the right formulations available to customers and contract manufacturers.

“We are proud of our heritage in terms of a leadership position in silicon”,said Sato. “But we understand that we need to keep expanding our portfolio with the right kind of products.”

Textured hair kit from the target consumer, Dow employees

In addition to the Sustainable Ingredients Kit, Dow introduced a Textured Hair Formulas and Solutions Kit, which Sato said began with a consultation with Dow employees with textured hair about how they treat their hair and gaps. existing.

While straight hair has been the focus for many years, Sato said Dow is increasing its investment in research and development, as well as technology, for textured hair products.

“In many cases, we use the formulations to inspire companies that don’t necessarily have the R&D team, the resources, the labs, to create all-new formulations from scratch,”said Sato. “We believe the kits could be easily leveraged by…end brands and contract manufacturers who can then expand their portfolio with these unique formulations.”

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