Watch Selena Gomez & Alissa Ashley Discuss Rare ‘In My Prime’ Beauty Campaign

Selena Gomez and her Rare Beauty line kicked off spring with the launch of her gorgeous new eyeshadow palette. Now the beauty line is upgrading its base game with its new Always an Optimist Pore Diffusing base and celebrating the launch with a stunning In My Prime campaign by beauty influencer and photographer Alissa Ashley.

Gomez selected Ashley to capture his subjects “in their prime.” In the video above, Ashley and Gomez discuss their professional background and what they envision for the campaign.

“I had this idea for a campaign, and it was going to be called In My Prime, and I wanted it to be a series of photographs of people showing who they are at their peak, that they only wear the bait and nothing . if not, or they make a glamorous face from the eyeshadow palettes, ”Gomez told Ashley. “I just wanted it to be about being in your prime and how you feel more than how you look. I thought your photography was amazing, and I thought it would be a good choice, that we could do this together, and I want you to have full creative control, which is the best part because I can kind of take step back and see what you do. “

Deli Lèvon for In My Prime

Alissa Ashley for rare beauty

Ashley told Gomez that photography has been a long-time passion of her: “I’ve always loved photography and my aunt bought my first camera on eBay from this random guy. But I really, really liked it. And then somehow I got into makeup. I think maybe it’s because I watched my mom do it, and I liked it a lot, then I went to college a bit, but then I was like, ‘D’ okay, that’s not really satisfying, ” and I knew I wanted to do more makeup and then people would ask me to do YouTube videos. [And I was like,] okay i guess i will do that too so i did that and then i dunno i feel like it happened so fast. Ashley’s career took off and at this point Ashley has 1.1 million Instagram followers and over 2.08 million YouTube subscribers.

in my main campaign
Chloé Vero for In My Prime

Alissa Ashley for rare beauty

Ashley added that in 2019, “I’ve reached a point in my influencer career, on YouTube, where I feel comfortable and now I want to further fuel my passion for photography.” Initially, Ashley was known for her self-portraits, but “I wanted to take pictures of other people.… I get more pleasure from it these days because it’s different. It’s strange. Being in front of the camera is natural now, but being behind is so much more fun.

Ashley’s In My Prime campaign, with its first images on, is a first for Rare Beauty. “We’ve never done anything like this, so it’s going to be really exciting, and I think it’s going to be a chance for a bunch of other people to see you and see the work you do, and I think it’s going to be a blast, ”Gomez told Ashley.

Ashley, with full creative control on set, photographed two subjects for the campaign, Chloe vero and Deli Levon, wearing primer.

Ashley explained to why she brought in Vero and Levon for the shoot. “I was drawn to the concept of the campaign at the start,” she said. “I love to celebrate the idea of ​​’in the prime of life’ – when you’re on the move, when you feel better. This is what I feel when I am behind the camera. It’s my passion and Selena recognized it! I wanted to work with Chloe because her story, as a model who is also a talented bass player, is so unique. And I came across Deli Lèvon on Instagram! His personality shines through his images; I wanted to use this campaign to get to know him better. “

Rare Beauty Pore Diffusing Primer is a lightweight gel, made with hyaluronic acid and a botanical blend of lotus, gardenia and white water lily, which helps soothe, calm and nourish skin of all types. It is the product with which to start applying makeup and gives the skin a matte texture, blurs the appearance of pores and helps keep your makeup on for longer. This is one of Rare Beauty’s largest essential makeup products and available at Sephora, Sephora’s JCPenney stores, and on the Rare Beauty website. Buy it below:

Always an Optimist Diffusing Pore Primer

Rare beauty

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