Veil Cosmetics marks a decade of beauty

Veil’s Automatte Mattifying Balm

Why did you create Veil Cosmetics?

I saw an opportunity in the no-makeup makeup category and with improved makeup textures, hence my brand name and slogan Weightless Beauty. I’ve taken the traditional approach to makeup by revealing gorgeous skin instead of hiding it, with skincare infused with good-for-you quality ingredients. My work is far from finished.

What did you like about the process during those early days?
When I started Veil Cosmetics everything seemed amazing and great to accomplish. I loved every aspect of creating new makeup: working with chemists and creating skincare-infused formulas, improving textures, making sure makeup was long-lasting and multi-tasking. I loved teaching and sharing my tips on how to use the makeup itself, creating the overall brand aesthetic, choosing packaging and graphic design. Creating a new website, creating the logo, touring and meeting fans, meeting makeup enthusiasts at trade shows, traveling to promote the brand everywhere… the list is long. The launch at NY Fashion Week is also a highlight.

What didn’t you like so much?
When you’re a newcomer with over 15 years of professional makeup experience at the time, but most people don’t know you and you’re not a “celebrity”, no one gives you a minute of his time and when I said the brand was going to be sold online, I got a lot of cold shoulders. Today, this is the norm.

Your brand recently had a major problem with social media. What happened?
Yes, my personal Facebook account was hacked which resulted in the deletion of my Veil Cosmetics business Instagram account, as I manage it. When the said Community directives are “violated”, it is even very difficult to try to recover them, if not downright impossible. I still haven’t recovered the account. The page was taken down immediately along with my business Instagram account.

Ouch! So it’s still not fully fixed?
It’s still not resolved. Meta has no customer service, it’s still just bots and I got chased and still do to this day. I didn’t get my over 50,000 Instagram followers back.

What is your advice to other independent beauty brands emerging from this experience?
My advice for other independent brands from experience is to make sure you have two-way authentication, which I did. But make sure your password is very secure, which I thought, but hey… I still don’t know to this day how the hack happened. Make sure you’re resilient and your data is backed up, especially anything related to Facebook Ads business accounts. Try to grow your client email list as much as possible, because that’s the only thing you control at the end of the day. Even if you get hacked, you will still have your customer list.

So let’s talk about beauty. Do you have any new products coming out for the fall?
We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this fall and are planning a big launch. I can’t say right now, it’s a big surprise. But it’s definitely a perfect evolution for the brand and it’s on brand for Veil Cosmetics because we’re all about the skin. So expect more skincare solutions and innovations, improving high performing products and using the highest quality ingredients. And I hate to use the word clean, but it’s going to be within the acceptable range of getting rid of harsh ingredients. It will be easy for everyone to use without fear of any irritation or allergic reaction etc. Stay tuned !

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