Vegamour Hair Growth Serums are up to 25% off

When it comes to solutions for maintaining healthy, full hair, there are far too many brands and products that don’t deliver what they promise. The exception, according to beauty shoppers and editors, is Vegamour. From their popular hair, eyelash and eyebrow growth serums to their latest anti-grey serum, the brand has earned a devoted fanbase for their ultra-effective formulas. Admittedly, Vegamour’s bestsellers tend to be more expensive. But from now until October 4, you can shop the brand’s full GRO kit for 20% off – and the rest of its products for 25% off. Check out four must-haves to add to your cart ASAP:


Shapes Managing Editor Alyssa Sparacino has used this internet famous serum for almost two years and swears it has brought her thinning hairline “back to life”. The powerful serum contains curcumin, an antioxidant that fights free radicals, and red clover, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Buy it: Vegamour GRO Hair Serum, $39 with code FRIENDS (was $48),


The GRO+ Advanced Serum is a bit more expensive than the GRO Hair Serum, but has additional benefits for people with severe hair loss. Encapsulated CBD penetrates the scalp to soothe irritated skin to reduce loss. “This product really works and works fast,” wrote one buyer, who noticed drastic results after three weeks of use.

Buy it: Vegamour GRO + Advanced Serum, $59 with code FRIENDS (was $74),


Scalp hair isn’t the only area targeted by Vegamour’s products; the brand’s eye serums are equally popular. “I’ve been using it for about a year now, and my lashes couldn’t be fuller and more beautiful,” wrote one shopper who used Vegamour’s eyelash growth serum for five months.​​ This growth-promoting formula Growth combines moisturizing glycerin with clover red to give users fuller lashes without irritating their eyes.

Buy it: Vegamour GRO Lash Serum, $64 with code FRIENDS (was $80),


Biotin, an essential ingredient in hair structure that can stimulate keratin production, plays a prominent role in this thickening eyebrow serum. Like Brow GRO Serum, this formula is gentle on sensitive skin around the eyes and, according to one reviewer, is a “miracle” for over-plucked and sparse brows.

Buy it: Vegamour GRO Brow Serum, $64 with code FRIENDS (was $80),

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