Vanessa Williams, 59, loves this innovative blurry skin tone

  • Former Miss America and entertainer of all trades Vanessa Williams, 59, shared the blurry skin tone she “doesn’t leave the house without.”
  • She loves the innovative Hi Beautiful You Be You Skin skin-perfecting shade.
  • The unique gel formula is a mix between a tinted moisturizer and a CC cream that blurs blemishes and evens and smoothes the complexion, leaving behind a natural, skin-like finish.

As a former pageant queen who made waves in music, theater and film, Vanessa Williams, 59, is no stranger to a makeup bag. And in time she discovered this works-including a daily, hassle-free tinted moisturizer that looks natural but blurs blemishes. She loves the Hi Beautiful You Be You Skin skin-perfecting shade so much that she never leaves the house without it.

Hi Beautiful You Be You Skin Perfecting Tint

Hi Beautiful You Be You Skin Perfecting Tint

The unique product comes from industry makeup artist Richard Anderson, of whom Williams is a big fan. “He’s such an innovator,” she said People. “Her new skin tone is one of my all-time favorites, and the mascara is amazing too.” Formulated with Smart Tint technology, the buildable gel comes in four shades (Williams uses the Rich shade) that easily smooth skin tone and texture leaving a soft-focus matte finish.

But matte does not mean dry. It also contains alpha-lipoic acid and vitamins A and E to hydrate and protect against free radical damage. “It’s matte, so it takes away that unwanted shine while letting your skin glow,” Williams explained. Best of all, no tools are needed to mix it – it melts easily with just a few taps of your fingertips. And if you need extra coverage, the brand even recommends trying it over foundation for a soft, skin-like glow.

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Williams is joined by satisfied customers in their satisfaction with the product. “People say how great my skin is! And I’m in my 60s, Yay!” a critic is ecstatic. “Love it, easy to use, nothing better as far as I’m concerned,” adds another. “The tint really hides a lot of imperfections and looks so natural,” someone else wrote.

In a world of beauty where new anti-aging serums and gadgets seem to be popping up around every corner, Williams remains convinced that confidence and gratitude are key to looking your best. “When you feel good about yourself, you can create beauty wherever you go,” she said.

In addition, the beauty rituals followed by Williams are doing very well. “At 59, I joke that when a woman of a certain age walks into a room, she scans everyone from head to toe [thinking] What did they do? Is it a good job? Does this work?” she joked. “I wish I could live in a time where we have a magic ribbon that dissolves into our skin and [helps with] elasticity and all that. But it’s a dream, so it’s [about] assess the associated risks. Is a line worth a cut? »

As many celebrities who have had plastic surgery have testified, a common answer to this question is no, it’s not always worth it. But aging naturally is. Shop the rest of Williams’ beauty favorites below.

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