Vanessa Hudgens’ skin care routine for makeup-free confidence

  • Vanessa Hudgens shared her exact nighttime skincare routine.
  • “It took me so long to get to a place where I love my skin,” she said.
  • The 32-year-old actress has an oily complexion, sometimes prone to acne.

    After turning 30, Vanessa Hudgens started to focus on skin care more than she ever had “partly because, you know, you start to see little things like, ‘Wait, What is that? It wasn’t there a few years ago, ”she said in a “Go to bed with me” video for Harper’s Bazaar. Now at 32, she has really perfected her diet and can confidently say that she really loves her complexion.

    “It took me so long to get to a place where I love my skin,” the actress explained. “I feel good about myself, I feel confident in my skin, I feel sexy in my skin without makeup.”

    And she loves taking the time to pamper herself by lighting candles and slipping into something cozy. “It’s just a vibe,” she said in the video. Here are the steps she takes to relax and prepare each day.

    First of all, cleanser.

    After a day of filming, Hudgens can’t wait to remove the thick layers of stage makeup. She has oily skin, which means “powder is constantly building up,” she said. “So it’s such a relief when I can finally take it all off.”

    To do this, she uses the Know Beauty Purifying Cleanser, a product she helped create for the brand she recently co-founded with Madison Beer. It contains hyaluronic acid and lotus stem cells to keep skin hydrated, along with grapefruit, prickly pear, and red tea extracts to deep cleanse and help control sebum.

    After a long day, a mask is necessary.

    Hudgens doesn’t always do this step, but after wearing makeup for over eight hours, she Know Beauty Bubbling Oxygen Mask helps “bring your skin back to life”. The airtight container keeps the formula oxygen-free until it reaches the skin, where it bubbles to fight fine lines and purify the skin.

    Then she applies toner and serum.

    Her must-haves are Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Essence and the Know Beauty Resurfacing Night Serum. The essence contains alpha hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate and fade dark spots, and the serum contains retinoids, as well as vitamins C and E to keep skin texture even and bright. “It’s just a dose of vitamins for the skin,” said Hudgens.

    Sculpting devices keep her skin taut.

    After the serums, Hudgens asks the Skin Gym Face Sculptor to have a “really aggressive rolling moment” along his cheekbones and jawline. Not to neglect her neck because “the neck never lies when it comes to your age”, she continues with the SBLA Beauty Sculpting Wand (who is also loved by Christie Brinkley). “I always collect things when it comes to skin care and see what works,” she added. In 2019, she said Yahoo Life that she also likes the Nuface.

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    Moisturizer and eye cream are essential.

    Hudgens loves a thick moisturizer that ensures her skin stays hydrated overnight. Her current choice is LAPCOS Collagen Lifting Night Cream. For the eye cream, she alternates products, but loves Freck Beauty Cactus Eye Jelly.

    To prevent rashes, she stays away from wine and cheese.

    the Musical High School The star says she never really had acne until she was 21, and found herself adoring boards of wine and cheese. “I loved it and it was decadent but man my skin hated it,” she recalls. “I think everyone’s self-confidence goes down when you have a rash, I know mine does. And you just aren’t feeling your best. To avoid this drop in self-esteem, she indulges less frequently.

    She adds a “spritz” of perfume and lip balm.

    Because nothing says more pampered than clean, hydrated skin and a gorgeous scent. Hudgens’ favorite (which she hesitated to share because it’s special) is REPLICA By the Fireplace by Maison Margiela. So as not to neglect her lips, she smothers hers in the lychee flavor of Fresh’s Moisturizing Sugar Lip Balm.

    For Hudgens, her evening skincare routine clearly goes beyond aesthetics and beautiful skin. It’s his way of decompressing, a state of mind that we can all tap into. “For me it’s a form of self-esteem and meditation,” she said. Yahoo Life. “And having this diet in my life creates a source of stability.”

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