‘Top Chef’ Star Gail Simmons Is ‘Obsessed’ With This $7 Concealer

  • Gail Simmons has revealed the drugstore product that conceals her tired under-eyes on the set of Excellent chef.
  • She swears by Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup.
  • “I’m a mum, so sleep is a rare commodity these days and a good concealer is vital!” she says. “I am obsessed.”

    Like a Excellent chef judge, cookbook author, talk show co-host and mother of two, Gail Simmons has little time to rest. And sleep deprivation can, unfortunately, manifest as dark, puffy eyes. But that’s okay, because the 46-year-old’s holy grail drugstore concealer always comes to her rescue. Not all heroes wear capes, and that’s the case with his Instant Age Rewind Eraser from Maybelline.

    Instant Age Rewind Eraser Makeup Treatment

    Maybelline New York

    “It’s my favorite drugstore purchase, and I can’t do without it on the Excellent chef Position. I’m a mom, so sleep is in short supply these days and a good concealer is vital! she said E ! On line. “[It] comes with its own sponge applicator and also contains sunscreen. It keeps my skin hydrated, while helping to hide some of those early mornings. I am obsessed.”

    Not to be confused with the brand’s also popular Instant Age Rewind Brightener, the crank-style product has become a beauty bag staple for many. The sponge-tip antimicrobial applicator allows for easy, foolproof blending and is available in seven shades. Infused collagen helps fill in fine lines and goji berry extract provides hydrated wear all day. (It also contains an SPF of 18, but dermatologists recommend wearing and reapplying facial sunscreen daily with an SPF of 30 or higher to properly protect against sun damage.)

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    With over 5,900 Amazon reviews, the mighty little product maintains a 4.6-star rating and the testimonials are glowing. “I’ve been using this makeup for over 10 years. It really ages backwards. People never believe I’m 55,” one customer wrote. “It doesn’t clog my pores or fill in my wrinkles” , adds another. “Love that with the sponge applicator, I never have to touch it with my hands!!” someone else raves.

    In all of Simmons’ on-camera appearances, you would never I guess her skin is far from flawless – she still looks natural and glowing. And now we are in his secret. Who knew a drugstore concealer could be responsible for such flawless results?

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