Top 5 stories about new product innovations in the APAC beauty space


1 – Get the glow: Emma Lewisham sees a gap in the market for natural lightening products proven by clinical data

Circular beauty brand Emma Lewisham’s latest launch seeks to achieve what the company believes to be growing demand for natural lightening products backed by clinical evidence.

The New Zealand brand recently announced the latest product in its line, Illuminating Brighten Your Day Cream.

Founder and CEO Emma Lewisham said CosmeticsDesign-AsiaThat the company was driven by consumer demand for a skin lightening day cream.

“We have had so many customers who have asked us to create an SPF-free day cream that is packed with vitamins and antioxidants and has a visible and immediate moisturizing and brightening effect. “In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

2 – Saviors for sensitive skin: Physiogel launches fabric face masks that respect sensitive skin and sunscreen for the K-beauty market

The beauty brand Derma Physiogel has launched two sheet face masks and sunscreen in Korea, a first for the brand since L&G Household and Health acquired its trademark rights in Asia and North America.

Physiogel is a line of care specially developed for dry and sensitive skin. He is best known for products like Calming Relief AI Cream.

Recently, South Korean beauty and personal care manufacturer L&G Household and Health (LG H&H) announced the launch of three new Physiogel products for the South Korean market.

To help people with sensitive skin cope with changing environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature, the brand has developed two fabric face masks to help manage skin prone to irritation.

3 – New and Improved: Suu Balm Upgrades Top Selling Moisturizer with More Ceramides to Increase Potency

Singaporean brand for sensitive skin Suu Balm has launched an improved version of its best-selling anti-itch moisturizer that contains five moisturizing ceramides and a plant-based humectant to improve the effectiveness of hydration.

Suu Balm debuted with Rapid Itch Relief Moisturiser, a dual-purpose body moisturizer, then expanded with a children’s line, body washes, scalp spray and a series of treatments. of the face.

More recently, Suu Balm released a new and improved formula of Rapid Itch Relief Moisturizer.

Dr John O’Shea, co-founder of Suu Balm said CosmeticsDesign-AsiaThat it was important for the company to continue to improve its formulation to keep up with new developments in a rapidly changing industry.

4 – Minority Report: Kao Launches Rakuten Exclusive Products Designed to Meet the Needs of the Few

The Japanese company Kao Corporation has developed a special collection of products that focuses on “individual deep concerns” such as foot odor and navel lint.

SPOT JELLY Navel Pack, a cleansing mask for the navel, and ARGINISTA, a deodorizing soap for the feet are the first limited edition products developed by Kao’s open innovation platform, Funtech Lab & Biz and exclusively available on the platform of Japanese Rakuten e-commerce.

The first uses two gel formulations that must be mixed before being dispensed into the navel. Once the gel formula has hardened, the user can peel it off from the navel.

Kao claims that it can remove sebum and dead skin cells that build up in the navel and cause odor.

5 – Tailored to you: the Singaporean start-up launches a customizable microbiome skincare product for sensitive skin

Singapore-based beauty start-up Sage & Ylang to launch its the first customizable microbiome beauty essence developed especially for sensitive skin, which was developed in collaboration with a government science and research agency.

Sage & Ylang was founded in 2018 by Irene Chong, a former graduate nurse turned organic skin care formulator.

Recently, the brand launched its first microbiome-friendly line with a moisturizer and will soon be expanding the line with a face wash and beauty essence.

Later this year, the brand will also launch four beauty boosters that can be added to the beauty essence depending on the skin type or concern. The first four boosters will target oily skin, acne prone skin, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.


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