TikTok users discovered spooky ‘ghost town’ of abandoned homes in Missouri: ‘I’m scared’

The Indian Ridge Resort in Branson, Missouri is no ordinary ghost town.

TikTok users love a good, abandoned place. Whether it be explore “haunted” hotels, filming in a scary “castle” or find hidden hallways in their own homes, users have gone viral time and time again to share bizarre and deserted spaces.

However, few videos have scared TikTokers like a recent clip from a user @ carriejernigan1. The post from TikToker, which nearly 14 million views, offers a brief video tour of Missouri’s famous upscale abandoned neighborhood.

“Have you ever seen a housing estate full of abandoned homes?” @ carriejernigan1 asks at the start of her clip.

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As @ carriejernigan1 explains in their video, the Indian Ridge Resort was supposed to be a $ 1.6 billion development, with an insane amount of luxury amenities. According to Missouri KYTV-TV, developers wanted Indian Ridge Resort to have a shopping mall, marina, golf course, 390-room hotel, museum, and the world’s second-largest indoor water park. .

Many of these projects never saw the light of day, as @ carriejernigan1’s video shows. TikTok users were understandably frightened by her clip, which shows rotting McMansions amid a sea of ​​overgrown plants. Some have called the ghost town “scary” or “nightmarish”.

“I’m afraid,” a user wrote.

“I want to go but it looks haunted,” another added.

“I’ve been there and it’s one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had,” another claimed.

Why is the Indian Ridge Resort abandoned?

According to KYTV-TV, the Indian Ridge Resort was first announced in 2006. The development was ambitious – and obviously expensive – but it was also inappropriate.

Two years later, the. The 2008 financial crisis crippled the housing market. This, along with legal issues, practically meant that the project never came to fruition. As reported by the Springfield News-Leader, two companies involved in the development pleaded guilty to breaking the law on sanitation. Other prominent figures involved in the project have also admitted to conspiring to commit bank fraud.

According to the News-Leader, construction ceased altogether in 2009. Now the area is just a ghost town – and a town famous for TikTok on top of that.

TikTok commentators asked @ carriejernigan1 more about the development – including why the project never picked up and why the completed homes aren’t being used for anything else. The TikToker, who is also a lawyer, has done their best to respond with answers.

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