This epic eyebrow tint failure on TikTok will convince you to leave that to the pros – Watch

Over the past year, many of us have tried to take on some of the beauty tasks that we have always left to professionals. Home orders and social distancing recommendations led to many home haircuts and hair color changes, as wax enthusiasts attempted to either remove unwanted hair on their own or just throw the strips away and let them grow. And now, even though many salons and spas are back to full capacity, some people are naturally trying to save a little money or time by trying out beauty treatments at home. For one TikTok user, however, a DIY eyebrow tinting session turned into a viral lesson learned the hard way.

Casey Watson Southern, who goes by @caseywsouthern on TikTok, posted a video on April 30 in which she talks about coloring her own eyebrows at home. And right off the bat, we have a certain foreshadowing when she reads the instructions – and proudly ignores them. “A thin layer of Vaseline or Vaseline around the eyebrows to make sure I don’t accidentally stain the other skin – but you all know I don’t do that,” she says.

She nervously applies the dye – it appears to be a product called Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint – with what appears to be an orange stick, then shows viewers the decidedly ridiculous way it looks when fully painted: very dark, messy, and opaque. “It’s such a good look,” Southern jokes. But she may have to learn to really feel it because she realizes that she left it on a bit longer than recommended.

“He says to dampen a paper towel and remove it with the paper towel,” she says, but when she tries, the dye doesn’t budge. “Oh my God. Oh my god, ”she repeats over and over.

In a second video, Southern appears to be scrambling to remove the dye with even greater urgency, “It’s a disaster,” she says. “It’s not a vibe anymore. This is it. I stained my skin. I take alcohol, I try to get rid of it because I don’t know what else to use,” says- it.

Based on the videos she has posted since the incident, it looks like she was finally able to remove it – Seduce reached out to ask if the alcohol and elbow grease worked, but we haven’t had an answer yet. New York based colorist Nikki ferrara says alcohol could have done the trick, but baby oil can help too.

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