The second set of RGX 11z Pro skins is coming to VALORANT on April 27

They might cost a pretty penny, but VALORANTSThe upcoming cosmetics from are a perfect addition for anyone looking to pick up another set of skins for their growing collection.

On Wednesday, April 27, Riot Games is adding five new skins to the ever-popular RGX 11z Pro skin lineup, including a Classic, Phantom, Spectre, and Operator skin. There’s also a butterfly knife that comes with the full package, which should help push anyone on the fence to buy the package.

Last October, Riot released the first set of RGX Pro skins, including skins for Vandal, Frenzy, Guardian, and Stinger, as well as an extendable katana-style melee weapon. They also came in the base green colorway, with blue, red, and yellow color variants.

This time around, the new weapon choices arrive with the same color schemes, shiny elements, and a similar futuristic aesthetic. Once again, the skins mimic the look of high-end gaming PCs and the RGB lighting that so many gamers have in their setups today.

“We wanted the skinline to be very responsive, tactile and mechanical as well,” VALORANTS said artistic director Kerwin Atienza. “To achieve this, opting for ergonomic yet functional shapes was an obvious direction, with a big emphasis on streamlined structural detailing, layering, and pushing complexity while maintaining the style that VALORANT is known for.”

At a specific level, there will be custom visual and audio effects on firing, equipping, reloading, and inspecting each weapon. For example, each gun’s internal colors will change with each inspection, settling on yellow, white, green, or teal. The butterfly knife will also run through the full spectrum of colors when inspecting, before randomly choosing a color to stick to.

As a legendary tier skin line, the RGX 11z Pro Bundle will cost 8,700 VP or around $85. This package will include:

⦁ RGX 11z Pro Butterfly Knife

⦁ Ghost RGX 11z Pro

⦁ RGX 11z Pro Classic

⦁ RGX 11z Pro Operator

⦁ Spectrum RGX 11z Pro

⦁ RGX 11z Pro card

⦁ Aerosol RGX 11z Pro

⦁ Ami RGX 11z

Weapons also have kill meters that show how many kills a player has gotten with that weapon in a specific round. Unlike most stat-tracking weapons in other first-person shooters, however, the counter resets after each round.

Even still, the RGX Pro skins are some of the most popular cosmetics in the game and could be on many players’ wishlists when they release later this week.

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