The Phluid Project partners with Scent Beauty for genderless fragrance line

Scent Beauty has launched a fragrance collection in partnership with The Phluid Project. The genderless line consists of four fragrances: Humanity, Transcend, Intention and Balance. “We try to build culturally relevant brands,” said Steve Mormoris, CEO of Scent Beauty. “The Phluid Project was the first brand we signed an agreement with three years ago, before Covid-19.

“We believed in the concept and meaning of The Phluid Project from the very beginning, when it was just an independent store in midtown Manhattan,” Mormoris said. “It has now become a relevant brand around the world. We believe there is an unreached target audience in the fragrance category, the LGBTQ+ community and wider, that has emerged in relevance and gained equal rights across the globe.

Mormoris said the Phluid Project brand can offer a scented product, “because scent is about intimacy, it’s non-discriminatory and it’s a form of freedom.

“We’ve been really inspired by how we’ve created fragrances that really reflect those values ​​in collaboration with the Phluid Project,” added Mormoris. “We decided, when entering the project, that we would make some changes to the product mix coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve moved to formulas that have a moisturizing effect on the skin, we use that as a metaphor for the gender fluidity that’s happening today. We believe in and are thrilled with the products. They are extremely well received by consumers. We reach every subsection within this community, and we can see a community that loves fragrance. It’s just another element of beauty that binds everyone together.

“The movement represented by the Phluid project is no longer on the margins of society,” Mormoris said. “It’s at the heart of society, and I would say retailers are behind the times because people like us are coming up with brands that speak to that message. There are images from the photo shoot and how we choose models, lesbian, non-binary, gay and trans models. It was important to find people who were beautiful inside and out.

Rob Smith, CEO of Phluid Project, listened to customers and the community, who wanted more sustainable fragrances. “Hopefully we keep adding more, so there will be more. They’re so universal, everyone has so many layers,” Smith said. “The artisans who created the fragrances captured this idea of ​​blending traditional feminine notes, which are flowers and fruits, with masculine notes, which tend to be earthy and wood-based.”

For the ad campaign, Smith said, “It was important to find people who were as beautiful on the inside as they were on the outside. Some identify with traditional beauty, others transcend classic and traditional looks. They are members of The Phluid community, and they are wholeheartedly behind this campaign, this vision and this product. It is a pleasure to work with them. »

Fragrances retail or $55 for 1.7 ounces. A travel size costs $20 and a discovery size costs $9.95 for four small perfume bottles.

The fragrances are sold on and Sephora. “We believe the brand has the ability and the need to reach a wider audience,” Smith said. “We are looking for retailers like Target,
Boots in the UK and T-mall in China. All the retailers we’ve shown the brand to are excited about this revolution in the world, where the LGBTQ+ community is fully integrated. It’s a huge white space.

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