The Love Story Behind Bloomeffects Royal Tulip Nail Polish

I read the same beauty stories as you. In fact, I may have written a few. I know there are about 17 of the best body scrubs for getting soft, smooth and silky skin. I know exfoliation is supposed to be a full body practice. I know that if you’re truly into the temple of soft skin, like most beauty enthusiasts are, you should scrub, peel, and drybrush everywhere, all the time.

But I do not like. And the simple reason is: I’m lazy. Exfoliating your body feels like exercise. The other reason is that most body scrubs are unpleasant and leave behind an oily residue that makes me feel like I need to shower again. The very popular and very trendy brown sugar type body scrubs also look like something I could make in my own kitchen and therefore are a waste of money to buy. But (you should have known there would be another “but” in there) there is a body scrub that I like to use.

Bloomeffect’s Royal Tulip Polish is a great body scrub that feels like it’s maximizing my limited time in the shower. It doesn’t have just one type of exfoliator (physical, via sea salt granules), but two (14% alpha hydroxy acid). The salt granules have no sharp edges and the dual exfoliating combo lifts and removes both dead skin and hyperpigmentation (meaning it does great things for mosquito bites and skin scarring). ‘acne). I like that the granules are fine and noticeable, without being too in front (much like Keanu Reeves). And I really like the base of the scrub – it’s a hyaluronic acid-based cream – as well as the brand’s exclusive tulip complex (made from real imperfect tulip bulbs) which transforms into a fluffy foam and not too rich when you add water. The combination leaves my skin hydrated and soft (and, most importantly, clean) at the same time.

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The brand’s founder, Kim van Haaster, also has a real love story that I like to tell people because it sounds like something out of a Lifetime Canadian movie – Canadian, because Lifetime movies are better there (ask any native). She was living in New York, working in beauty and going on a trip to Ibiza with her girlfriends, when she met a man in a club. As Usher sings, they fell in love at this club, and the man turned out to be a fourth-generation tulip farmer. Haaster then created her brand based on the tulip waste by-product she observed on her family farm. Currently pregnant with sensitive skin, she recently discovered that Bloomeffects Royal Tulip Polish is gentle enough for her skin and, she promises, even for your face and hair. I haven’t tried it on my face and hair yet, but I like to use the tulip-decorated wooden spoon that comes with each jar. And super soft skin after application, of course.

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