The L’Oréal Group joins the application for monitoring the Clue – Glossy rules


of the L’Oréal Group Technology incubator enters the world of rule-tracking apps.

On Wednesday, the company announced a partnership with Clue, one of the largest rule-tracking apps in the world according to global rankings. With this new agreement, L’Oréal plans to use the data from the app to co-create hormone-related skin care tips in the app. The partnership reflects the growing connection between the worlds of wellness and beauty, and comes as period tracking apps remain among the most popular health-related apps used by women with data valued by experts. marketing.

“Hormones and the skin are [things] that we think people don’t have enough information yet, ”said Guive Balooch, head of L’Oréal’s technology incubator. The brand will offer skincare surveys on the app and then use that data to work with Clue on skin care items that will be available in the app and on Clue’s website.

“We really want to focus more on providing more personalized information and understanding how their skin is changing and changing, and then some potential routines and routines. [providing] agreement [of] how they can use their current beauty products at home, ”Balooch said.

Skin changes are among the most tracked categories in the app, according to Audrey Tsang, co-CEO of Clue.

L’Oréal will provide personalized advice on skin care routines to each user, depending on the week they are in their cycle, using “scientific information on how the skin changes over the course of a hormonal cycle, ”Balooch said. The tips will cover common hormone-related skin issues including acne, dryness, dermatitis, and UV sensitivity. L’Oréal’s Active Cosmetics division will participate in the creation of content, calling on the advice of dermatologists, endocrinologists and gynecologists. The link between skin issues and hormones has grown in beauty over the past two years with the launch of skin care startups focused on hormones. Including LaMaria, which focuses on skin care for hormonal changes in menopause, and the periodic care brand Blume, which pioneered skin care for acne.

“There is a lot of ability to create innovation among the intersections between wellness and beauty,” Balooch said. “Tackling it is more about choosing areas where we think there is a hole [in the market]. When it comes to beauty information, hormones are a prime example. ”

Period tracker apps have become widely used by women in the United States in recent years. Clue currently has 12 million users in 190 different countries. The period tracker app Flo, which has over 100 million users, is currently the # 2 app in the overall health & fitness category on App Annie since August 3, just behind the new one. Excelsior application from New York for confirmation of vaccination.

All data collected through the Clue app will be anonymized, Balooch said. Other rule-tracking applications in the market have faced questions regarding their data collection. In January of this year, Flo colonized with the Federal Trade Commission after receiving a complaint that he was not forthright about his sharing of health data with third-party companies. In 2019, the Washington Post reported that the rule-tracking app Ovia was being used as a employer tracking tool to collect data on employee pregnancies.

According to Balooch, partner applications are an important part of the technology incubator’s strategy.

“Probably more than half of what we do is done with external partners,” he said. “We go out and see if there are world leaders in areas where we are not necessarily world leaders, and we bring our beauty expertise and our skin health expertise to the table. ”


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