The limited edition piece “The Value of Touch” can be claimed free online.

Skincare brand Nivea taps into the connected world of NFTs (non-fungible token) to showcase the value of touch through digital art.

NFT technology normally allows people to trade and own high value tokens like works of art, collectibles or real estate through cryptocurrencies and has recently become more and more popular around the world. art. With the “Value of Touch”, NIVEA wants to draw attention to the power of touch, using NFTs to discuss the value society currently places on it, and to spark a discussion about how touch can be valuable. and powerful, although it is freely available for everything.

The artist behind NIVEA’s NFT artwork is Clarissa baldassarri, an Italian visual artist who suffered from a temporary visual impairment at the start of her painting career. The limits she experienced inspired her to rediscover art through what she calls a conscious touch.

Nivea’s NFT art will be minted on Polygon and will be available for free in a limited edition via a website.

By 2025, Beiersdorf and Nivea aim to invest globally 20 million euros in human contact projects. The NFT “The Value of Touch” art can be claimed for free at More content on the project can be found on Nivea’s global Instagram page. @nivea.

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