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This article was written for our sponsor, Chapman implant and complete dentistry.

Straighten teeth, enhance color, improve smiles – cosmetic dentistry is all about increasing people’s confidence in the appearance of their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry procedures range from just as simple as teeth whitening to more complex porcelain veneer placements.

Thanks to advances in digital dentistry, these cosmetic procedures are becoming more precise, more efficient and more cost effective.

“With this technology, we can do a preoperative scan of the upper and lower teeth and send it to the lab, and then they can actually digitally design new teeth for the patients. They can do it on their computer and then send it. pictures of what those teeth might look like as an end product, “said Dr Laurie Chapman, owner of Chapman Implant & Comprehensive Dentistry in Raleigh.” The patient can get a glimpse of what they might look like, then he can decide on any adjustment or correction before the final product. “

Digital veneer scans not only help the patient visualize the final product, they also make the implementation faster and more accurate. At Chapman’s office, technologies like a cone-beam computed tomography (CT) scan – which allows 3D x-rays – and an intraoral scanner help create instant models and images of a patient’s dental makeup.

“The intraoral scanner takes hundreds, if not thousands of images per second. When we scan someone’s teeth, we can basically create a digital model of their mouth that appears directly on the monitor in real time,” Sam Brown said. , dental hygienist at Chapman Dentistry. “In terms of crowns and veneers, it not only allows people to see an instant model of their mouth, but it also saves us from having to do the gooey, sticky impressions that we used to use.”

Observing closely the makeup of their teeth can come as a shock to some patients and often helps them visualize how cosmetic dentistry can improve their smile and confidence.

“Sometimes patients look at the scans and think it’s really cool, but some patients look at it and say, ‘Oh my God, I never knew my teeth looked like this. “They’re not impressed,” Brown said. “Instead of taking our word for it for what we are describing in their mouths, this technology allows them to see it for themselves, and it’s useful for patients to have a better understanding of their needs. people know what to expect, it can help relieve their anxiety.

The veneer process involves removing part of the tooth and then shaping the teeth to leave room for the veneers to be fixed. With digital dentistry, dentists are able to predict exactly how much a tooth will need to be shaped, reducing the amount of tooth structure removed, chair time and making it a more predictable and positive patient experience.

For the implantation process, scans and 3D models help dentists know precisely where an implant needs to be placed in order to last as long as possible and to properly fit the gum tissue.

Being able to see images of what veneers, implants, and crowns will look like before they are placed in the mouth makes cosmetic dentistry easier for patients and physicians.

“In terms of cosmetics in particular, it’s really useful for people like me who are visual learners. Someone can sit in front of you and throw a bunch of dental jargon at you all day, but when you see the ‘before and after or a simulation of what it might look like once you are done with your treatment, that says a lot about a lot of patients, ”said Brown.“ Not only does it help us accept cases, but it also helps patients be excited about what they are going to go through because they see the end result and are happy with how it looks. “

Cosmetic dentistry continues to evolve thanks to technological innovations brought to the field. While Brown recognizes that patients have many options for dentists in the Triangle, she stresses the importance of working with a practice that continues to learn about the latest advancements.

“There are so many different providers, and it can be difficult for people to choose a practice that they will like. When doctors are passionate about what they do, they will take the time and money to invest in it. ‘equipment, and I think that’s proof that they’re there to serve their patients better, “said Brown.” People investing in this technology are signaling to patients that these providers are going to be the ones who try to serve the better these patients and their needs, by offering the latest and greatest services. “

This article was written for our sponsor, Chapman implant and complete dentistry.

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