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New Delhi: Actress Mithila Palkar started her acting career in 2014 and has since starred in a wide range of movies and web series including Chopsticks (a Netflix Original movie) and Karwaan. She rose to fame through her roles in the popular web series Little Things and Girl in the City. She is also a well-known singer. In 2016, a YouTube video of her singing the famous Marathi song Hi Chal Turu Turu in the style of the cut song went viral and had over 6 million views.

Mithila has joined Plum, India’s first 100% vegan and cruelty-free beauty and personal care line, as a brand ambassador. She will be featured in major Plum ads on digital media.

Plum, one of the fastest growing BPC companies online, has also made a name for itself in the retail industry. Besides being one of the top brands on major e-commerce sites; the brand is currently offered in over 250 Indian cities through over 900 assisted outlets and over 10,000 unassisted outlets, with the latter number increasing month on month. The company recently won the Best Vegan Cosmetics award from PETA India’s Vegan Fashion Awards.

Commenting on the announcement, Shankar Prasad, CEO and Founder of Plum said, “Plum is a youthful brand that resonates with today’s confident woman. So bringing in a millennial youth icon like Mithila Palkar seemed like a natural fit. It reflects the brand values ​​of being honest and real. Our association with her is a step towards strengthening the connection with our customers and reaching millions of additional women who will emotionally associate with our brand and enjoy using our products. We’re sure her voice will inspire them to be comfortable with their skincare and beauty choices and we couldn’t be happier to have her as our face for Plum.”

As the first brand ambassador, actress Mithila Palkar shares, “I’m so thrilled to be the face of a brand like Plum who believes in spreading so much goodness around the world. I deeply resonate with the brand’s philosophy and unique approach towards creating products that are truly good for your skin.In Plum, I have found my partner, who delivers an authentic, reliable, effective and delicious skincare experience . I’m really happy to be associated with them.”

Mithila Palkar on her skincare regimen:

What does skincare mean to you? What prompted you to dwell on the subject?

To be honest, I didn’t take skincare seriously until my skin started acting up. As I built and followed my skincare routine, it started to feel less like a chore and more like a self-love ritual. Now I look forward to those quiet times in the morning and evening, where I am simply in tune with myself, taking care of my skin, so that I can look and feel my best!

Your tips for a quick and healthy DIY formulation for the skin.

I believe in eating all the healthy ingredients in my kitchen rather than putting them on my face. That said, I have a quick fix for my skin! I make sure to always have plum aloe vera gel on hand just because of its versatility. When I’ve been in the sun all day, I use it as a soothing mask; if my eyes are a little tired, i use it under the eyes to soothe puffiness and i also use it as a spot treatment if my skin is irritated in a certain place. Sometimes I even use it to keep my eyebrows and flyaways in place.

The key here is to really strike a good balance between natural ingredients and products that are suitable for your skin type. It’s this very balance that has worked for me over the years to keep my skin healthy and happy!

Tell us about your skincare routine.

My skin has been loving Plum’s Vitamin C range lately. I start by cleansing my skin with their Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash, followed by a few spritzes of the Vitamin C Toner for an instant pick-me-up. After it dries, I go in with a few drops of the 15% vitamin C face serum. Once the serum sinks into my skin, which is quick, I seal it all in with the moisturizer at the vitamin C. Of course, I supplement that with sunscreen and I’m ready to face the day!

A beauty or skincare product that has changed the game for you.

I should say Plum 15% Vitamin C Face Serum. After just a few weeks of regular use, I noticed it gave my skin a major glow. But not only that, some blackheads I had were also starting to fade gradually. Now I don’t go a day without! I also firmly believe that it’s not just the products we use to have healthy skin. I also attribute my glow to the workouts I do every morning, my balanced diet, and the fact that I care so much about staying hydrated throughout the day.

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