The 13 Best Cleansing Balms of 2021 – Natural, Clean, and Organic

Every skincare fanatic has a favorite part of their routine – the ritual layer that brings them the most joy. And if I like the tender gesture of massaging in a dense face cream or putting on an oil in the evening, there is nothing that I appreciate more than washing my face. Yes, it’s a semi-controversial (controversial as it may be) skincare take, but it’s true: I love the ritual of cleansing my skin.

But facial cleansers are a deceptively tricky category. For a while, the reigning options were of the stripper kind. (You know those: those frothy numbers that left you feeling squeaky and dry.) But now there are so many experimenting with textures, infusing deliciously hydrating actives, and uplifting sensory experiences – and lastly, they get the attention they deserve.

There is no better example than the cleansing balm. (Even saying “cleansing balm” feels like slipping into a cashmere sweater.) The facial cleansers subcategory is marked by their thick gel-cream texture and moisturizing benefits; of course, there are subtle differences between them that make them unique, but that’s the guideline.

Now, if all of the above makes you think you need to get your hands on one, here are our favorites to try. Enjoy it, don’t you?

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