Technature and its WoW products


Powders, masks and skin care: new products very different from each other, each of which is a WOW product in its own way


Ethical and responsible, powders are on the rise: they are light so they can be taken anywhere easily, they are waterless and therefore do not require preservatives and they meet the expectations of consumers who are increasingly concerned about the environment. Perfect for people looking for new gestures while being easy to use, they make you invest differently in the product experience.

But make no mistake, these formulas are practical but also developed and effective with expert know-how, whether in formulation or process control. Once rehydrated, they reveal multiple textures (gel, cream, mousse, etc.) and products with various functions adapted to the different needs of the skin (moisturizing, purifying, soothing, brightening, cleansing, anti-aging, radiance, etc. .) .

Powders have always been part of Technature’s DNA: whether they are developed for masks (peel-off, thermal masks, rinse-off masks, etc.), scrubs, face cleansers or hygiene care, our offer of powder formulas is very wide.

However, the powders have not finished inspiring us and revealing their full potential.

What if a powder didn’t need to be rehydrated to transform… This dream has come true with one of our latest innovations: a brand new powder that turns into cream, with Wow effect and sensoriality guaranteed! In addition to offering an original beauty routine, its formula is customizable (actives, applications, color, etc.).

That’s not all…

the Agitator mask has had a facelift: 5 even more innovative formulas, which contain more than 98% ingredients of natural origin and have a prebiotic as their common base to protect the microbiota and aloe vera to preserve hydration. And to meet the needs of all skin types, this range is composed of a Smoussy Vitamin Booster, a Cristally Moisturizer, a Cristally Youth Booster, a Matifying Cream and a Prone Skin Cream. to redness.


Complexion freshness stick mask. Very practical, the format of this mask allows an application and a targeted technique while being fun! Its priority: to restore radiance and freshness to the complexion of the face. For this, it combines anti-pollution, anti-aging, revitalizing and protective active ingredients to boost the skin’s radiance and its defenses against external aggressions.

As well…

Another novelty: infused hydrogel – eye patches. Infused with plants, these eye patches have a unique and active texture, due to the natural polymers that compose them: carrageenans. These polysaccharides, which form the cell walls of red algae, combine with water to form an ultra-fresh film-forming gel that perfectly hugs the eye contour for targeted action. To find a rested and sparkling look, antioxidant rooibos leaves, a relaxing custard apple extract and hyaluronic acid are incorporated. Signs of fatigue are just a bad memory!


The latest innovation with a Wow effect: a small fusion dome for hands with a unique, nomadic sensoriality, with more than 97% of ingredients of natural origin, which concentrates the effectiveness that the skin needs in the right dose of product. On application, this patch literally melts. Its active cocooning texture delicately coats the skin and diffuses the active ingredients it contains. A product concept that can be transposed to other products: 1 dose = 1 treatment.

Also… an exceptional micro-pearl serum which merges with the skin during application, in perfect affinity. This is where its moisturizing active ingredients come in: capturing water, distributing it optimally so that the skin is fully rejuvenated, such is their mission to make this treatment a marvel of hydration that reveals the beauty of the skin. .

Wherever you are, discover WOW Products:!

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