Skincare needs digital tools to educate and engage consumers online, says Skin Match Technology

In the seventh of CosmeticsDesign-Europe Beauty Podcast 4.0 – a digital series on how technology and innovation will shape the future of beauty – we meet Estella Benz, founder of beauty software specialist IA Skin Match Technology.

In this 20-minute podcast, Benz talks about the advisability of using digital tools like artificial intelligence (AI) to offer more beauty consumers when they shop online, especially men – a category that, according to her, much remains to be done.

Going beyond unisex skin care offerings and working with independent “ niche ” brands

“The men’s section is booming; he has grown a lot. I think there is still a lot of potential, as there is in the women’s sector, but I think the next big step is inclusiveness and understanding that there are limits that need to be blurred ” .She said

Inclusiveness was an important part of the future of beauty, she said, and independent brands were certainly ahead in this mindset – why Skin Match Technology was focused on working with these small players. . “They understand their customers; they usually have a niche; and they are very clear in their positioning. And I think it’s quite interesting for us. In addition, they generally embrace transparency and inclusiveness. “

Skin Match Technology had therefore worked hard to ensure that its software was accessible to these small brands, which inevitably had smaller budgets and portfolios, Benz said.

Information boom for consumers of beauty products

And she said the trend of consumers wanting to know more about beauty products has changed. “Verry much”Over the past two years, providing opportunities for both independent and big beauty players.

Skin Match Technology already offered an “ INCI ” explanatory tool detailing the ingredients in a product and why they were there and it was currently piloting a clean beauty icon tool that simply highlighted certain aspects of a product – the listing as “ ocean friendly ” for example. And while “clean” remains an indefinite term, she said this tool is still aligned with the direction the industry is taking. “I think it’s a matter of transparency, of explaining to the client what they understand about clean beauty.”

But beyond just helping consumers choose the right beauty product for them, Benz said all of this data could also be used by brands and retailers for new product development and marketing initiatives. . Although this aspect is not yet among the priorities of the industry, as they were always very focused “On the front-end”And what consumers could see.

Beauty 4.0 Podcast – Learn More About Tech-Driven Personalized Beauty

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