Shop: Five soothing creams for dry skin in winter

No need to dry this winter.


No need to dry this winter.

Fires, heat pumps, those old blowie radiators and freezing southerly winds – winter can take its toll on our skin.

Your regular moisturizer may struggle to keep your precious dermis supple and protected this time of year, especially if you have mature or generally very dry skin.

In winter, it’s a good idea to switch things up a bit and look for moisturizers enriched with ceramides, natural fats that help plump the skin, humectants that draw moisture from the environment, and occlusives for the skin. ‘trap there.

Protect your skin the same way you would protect yourself from the cold - with a weather barrier.

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Protect your skin the same way you would protect yourself from the cold – with a weather barrier.

You can also look for creams that contain hyaluronic acid, another natural compound believed to form a soft, skin-friendly barrier to trap moisture in the skin. It’s popular because it works for all skin types without causing the types of breakouts that some oils can cause. Here are six ultra moisturizing creams to see your skin through the harshest winters:

Ordinary Natural Hydration Factors + HA, $ 16.70

The beauty of The Ordinary glitter free products is that you get quality ingredients at premium prices.

This moisturizer is no exception, listing moisture-trapping glycerin and hyaluronic acid-derived sodium hyaluronate in the ingredient list, followed by a range of plumping and nourishing ceramides and lipids. Good product.

The Ethics Perfector Solid Cream, $ 45

Natural compounds and extracts are a great addition to skin care, and they aren’t much more natural than Ethique’s skin care line.

Solid, like all of Ethics’ anti-plastic products, one of the main ingredients here is babassu seed oil, which is packed with antioxidants and acts as a natural seal for your skin’s hydration. There’s also a dash of sodium hyaluronate, for extra moisturizing power.

Trilogy Ultra Moisturizing Face Cream, $ 51.99

Trilogy’s Ultra Moisturizer Face Cream promises the “intense hydration recovery” you might need after an invigorating winter walk to the beach, or even a trip from your car to the supermarket.

Rosehip extracts provide antioxidants and ceramides to help protect and restore damaged skin, as well as manuka honey to hydrate and nourish.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, $ 54

the He Hollywood honeymoon brand for years, a jar of Kiehl’s ultra facial cream would sell out every 6 seconds in the US.

Perhaps this is due to its squalane which stimulates hydration, a derivative of the natural plant or animal emollient and antioxidant. squalene. Squalane is said to slow the signs of aging by increasing collagen production when used regularly.

Rawkanvas Luna Vitality Restorative Moisturizer, $ 75

Filled with seed butters, vegetable and floral oils, and fruit extracts, this lush cream’s ingredient list is more like an arty fruit salad recipe.[plantandfloweroilsandfruitextractstheingredientslistofthislushcreamlooksmorelikeanartyfruitsaladrecipe[plantandfloweroilsandfruitextractstheingredientslistofthislushcreamlooksmorelikeanartyfruitsaladrecipe

All the fatty cermides and hydrating compounds you need are there, however, along with a dose of hyaluronic acid and calming calendula to help you get your glow.

Clinique Moisture Surge 100H Self-Regenerating Moisturizer, $ 82

According to Clinique consumer testing, this oil-free formula provides an “immediate 174% increase in hydration,” which is an oddly specific number.

Either way, we’re here for the activated aloe vera that promises soothing nutrition for wind-dried cheeks, and our old hyaluronic acid for that important hydration boost.

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