Shiseido’s Clear Sunscreen Stick SPF 50 is my summer skincare savior

I love to travel – but under Nope circumstances will I check in my luggage. Already. This dedication to cabin life means I have to pack lightly and leave most of my beloved skincare products at home. (It’s not that I mind; I’d rather sip spicy margaritas on the beach than slather on serums when I’m on vacation anyway.) One essential that always makes a difference is sunscreen. solid.

On a recent trip to Tulum, I picked up the Shiseido Clear Sunscreen Stick SPF 50 to throw in my toiletry bag. My skin tends to be drier, so the moisturizing benefits of SPF were definitely appealing. I’m also pretty picky about sunscreens because the chalky formulas leave a purplish-gray film on my complexion. Another thing to note: I burn very, very easily. Any bit of my face and neck that I miss with sunscreen turns tomato red in 15 minutes.

Completely sheer, moisturizing sunscreen under 3.4 ounces? I also thought it sounded too good to be true, but Shiseido’s Clear Sunscreen Stick really blew me away and is now one of my go-tos.

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Fast facts

  • Price: $29
  • Best for: On-the-go sun protection for all skin types
  • Your rating: 4.5/5
  • Mark: Shiseido
  • What we like: Invisible on all skin tones; allows easy reapplications; suitable for travel; without oxybenzone
  • What we don’t like: Could potentially look too shiny on oilier skin

Shiseido Transparent Sun Stick SPF 50

To say that Shiseido isn’t new to creating skincare would be a massive understatement. The Japanese brand celebrates its 150th anniversary this year and launched its first sunscreen product in 1923. Its modern formulations are now among the best-selling sunscreens on the shelves.

The Clear Sunscreen Stick, a chemical SPF, can be used on both face and neck for broad-spectrum sun protection. Considering its travel-friendly small size, it is not convenient to use it on other parts of the body.


Shiseido’s SPF was created using a combination of WetForce and HeatForce, two of the brand’s proprietary technologies. The first involves the inclusion of negative ions in the formula which are attracted to positively charged ions in water and sweat. The result? Instead of being instantly washed away by the ocean or sweat, the sunscreen is “activated” by them and remains water resistant for 80 minutes. HeatForce technology refers to an essence in the formula that is activated by the sun or your body heat and increases UV protection.

My first impression

I apply a few coats before applying my makeup, distribute the product with my hands, then wait a few moments before continuing my beauty routine. The finish is crystal clear (one of the main reasons it’s one of Shiseido’s bestsellers) and shiny at first, but my dry skin soaks up the extra moisture from the mineral and castor oils, giving me a pinkish appearance rather than greasy.

I usually don’t mind seeing a fragrance on the ingredient list of a skincare product, but the unwanted fragrance should note that it actually contains some. It’s not the typical coconut sunscreen smell. It’s subtle and after a while I find it’s barely noticeable.

Is Shiseido Clear Sun Stick Worth It?

As mentioned, Shiseido’s sunscreens belong to the “prestige” sector of the beauty market, and a higher price inevitably follows. You get less than an ounce of product for $29 here; If you need daily sunscreen for head-to-toe use, you’ll get more for your money with another of the brand’s larger offerings. If you’re already an SPF devotee, but have trouble remembering to reapply, this definitely helps in the touch-up department.

I lost track of how many times I was outside longer than I was supposed to, felt my skin start to burn, then sighed in relief after unzipping my bag and seeing it hidden inside. inside. Shiseido’s sunscreen has saved my head – literally – and will most definitely accompany me on my future travels.

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