Shiseido, Amorepacific, LG H&H and more in our big brand roundup

1 – Core Strengthening: Shiseido CEO Explains Why Skin Care Should Become “Even More Important” After Pandemic

Japanese beauty major Shiseido launches her its CEO is convinced that there are “emerging segments” on which he can capitalize in the coming years.

In the face of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company took steps to strengthen the foundation of its business – that meant going back to its roots as an expert in skin care.

“Last year, as we faced [COVID-19] we had an idea to rebuild better. In the next two or three years until 2023, we want our core business to be stronger, which is skin care where we have long expertise in R&D, expertise in marketing… My goal in the next three years is really to get our corporate foundation stronger by using skin care ”,Uotani said.

Last August, Shiseido announced that it was selling three of its makeup brands to focus on high-end skin care. This followed the decision to get rid of its entire personal care division, which consisted of brands like Senka.

2 – From top to bottom: LG H&H signs an agreement to recycle coffee grounds for its cosmetic products

LG Household & Health Care from South Korea collaborates with an upcycling startup to explore how recycle discarded coffee grounds as raw material for its cosmetics.

LG H&H has signed a memorandum of understanding with Korean start-up Urban Miners to cooperate on the processing of coffee grounds and the production of activated carbon, or coffee charcoal, as an ingredient.

As coffee charcoal has a high carbon content and excellent absorption properties, LG H&H and Urban Miners plan to study how coffee charcoal can be used to absorb excess sebum and detoxify impurities from the body. skin.

Activated charcoal is an extremely popular ingredient in beauty and personal care. It is found in a range of products including face masks, pore tapes, shampoo and toothpaste.

3 – “Emerging power”: generation Z and the knowledge of the millennium are the key to the acquisition of a 38.4% stake in COSRX by Amorepacific

Knowledge of Gen Z and the Millennial Consumer combined with a booming global reputation are two of the reasons Korean Major Amorepacific made a decision 38.4% stake in the cult K-beauty brand COSRX, as it seeks to expand its own footprint abroad.

Founded in 2013 by Jeon Sanghoon, COSRX is best known for its products for sensitive skin like its Good Morning Low pH Cleansing Gel, BHA Blackhead Power Liquid and Acne Pimple Master Patch.

Amorepacific announced that it has decided to acquire a significant minority stake for KRW180bn (U $ 153m) in the “emerging power ” as part of its Vision 2025 strategy to penetrate new markets abroad.

“We were looking for a partner to share the value of new beauty as outlined in our ‘Vision 2025’, which we declared this year as part of our 76th anniversary celebration,”said Lee Jinpyo, head of the strategy division of the Amorepacific group.

4 – Efficient cleaning: LG H&H files a patent for an easy-to-remove biocellulose-based makeup base

LG Household & Healthcare has filed a patent for a cosmetic composition based on biocellulose which facilitates the quick make-up removal without oil-based make-up removers.

Most makeup products contain oil-based ingredients and colorants such as pigments, which are hydrophobic. This makes it necessary to use oil-based solvents, such as cleansing oils, balms, and creams to remove them.

However, this cleaning process can potentially irritate the skin. Additionally, the company believes consumers are looking for a faster and easier cleaning method.

To solve this problem, the company first turned to a temperature-sensitive polymer that forms a hydrophobic film on the skin but changes structure and detaches from the skin when it reaches a certain temperature.

5 – Beiersdorf files patent on AI skin profiling and product recommendation method

The international leader in skin care Beiersdorf has developed a method to skin profile based on moisture levels and geographic location, providing an accurate picture of general skin condition and enabling personalized product recommendations.

Write in his international patent, Beiersdorf said the skin profiling method, powered by smart algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI), enables highly personalized cosmetic, skin care and dermatological recommendations for basic skin conditions and predominant. Ideally, these recommendations could be “preventive”; suggesting products that minimize or prevent a skin problem, he said.

While there were already on the market several methods used to recommend beauty and personal care products for specific skin conditions, based on specific parameters such as humidity, roughness, irregular color distribution and skin impurities, Beiersdorf said these methods all have one common drawback: errors.

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