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Store manager Rachael Sanchez in the new Redlands location on State Street.

The exposed beams of the old McMahon’s furniture store on the corner of State and Sixth streets give the new The Treatment Skin store an aura of embracing the old and inviting in the new and the modern.

The Treatment is a medical spa specializing in esthetician services, natural looking injectables and medical grade skin care products. He arrived in downtown Redlands a month ago.

As customers enter the store, a large open space invites customers to sit on a comfortable sofa or browse the skin care product lines. A facial bar is located at the back inviting customers to try the products. After checking in, they digitally fill out your paperwork while enjoying a drink of your choice in an adjacent room. Every corner of the space is designed to relax you. A corridor leads you to the various spas and medical rooms.

The Claremont-based company was started by Erin Jensen, a certified medical assistant with training in dermatology and aesthetics. After 10 years in dermatology, she opened her first store in 2018 in downtown Claremont. A second location was added the following year, then in Newport Beach and now in downtown Redlands.

“It’s a five-star, medically-looking concierge service rather than going to a doctor’s office,” said Tawny Doan, Marketing Manager for The Treatment. “We want you to be a VIP customer and a patient.

“We love to help people feel the best versions of themselves, giving them that confidence and aging gracefully and being happy,” added Rachael Sanchez, Store Manager for The Treatment in Redlands.

Professional medical staff are the driving force behind treatment. Nurse Bri Hanson works at The Treatment and Loma Linda Teaching Hospital. She explained how it has been a dream job for her for years, helping women feel good about themselves.

Sanchez and several other employees worked at other more remote facilities, but can now work where they live. Each employee was trained by Erin Jensen at the Claremont sites for several months before starting at Redlands.

“We all love Redlands. We are so happy to be home. We are happy to see our community. So it’s really special for us that we’re here, ”said Sanchez.

Several customers who were traveling to Claremont from the Palm Springs and Banning areas are also happy to have a closer location.

“We’ve established new relationships now that we’re here,” Sanchez explained. They are generally full on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Monday is the slowest day. Foot traffic was heavy for the first month as people come every day to comment on the new store.

“We heard how grand and beautiful the space is. They are grateful to have something focused on skin health and not just skin beauty, ”she said of current clients.

“We’re very community-based,” Doan said. “We love the walk and the recovery of an old building and its renovation. We worked with the building’s natural high ceilings and tried to maintain its rustic industrial look throughout the space.

The treatment

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.

Products: At the store, they sell The Treatment’s own skin care line as well as SkinCeutical products, a medical grade skin care line from New York City. The Claremont and Redlands boutiques are handpicked flagship stores for SkinCeuticals. The lifestyle products are handcrafted by small, women-owned businesses and every purchase goes back to the manufacturer.

Treatments: A variety of facials, injectables and medical spa treatments.

Price range: $ 25 and more for products, sold exclusively in their stores. The prices of the treatments are medium to high. A one-hour Signature facial costs $ 125 and a vitamin B-12 injection costs $ 25.


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