Reese Witherspoon shares ‘strict’ skincare routine


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When it comes to taking care of her skin, Reese Witherspoon isn’t kidding. In fact, she shared the details of her “strict” morning and afternoon skin care routines, revealing that a “whole process” is needed to keep her skin looking fabulous.

The mom of three spoke about her main skin problems – dryness and discoloration. “My skin texture has changed a bit [in recent years] – it’s a little drier “, she said Harper’s Bazaar. I definitely struggle with dark spots, thinking since pregnancy, so I’m looking for really effective products for the treatment of dark spots. Especially in summer they get darker as they heat up. ”

She is about incorporating a few key steps every day and night because as she says, “the cameras are now so HD and there is nowhere to hide”. She notes in the interview that “moisturizing, making sure the texture is very smooth is really important for the base under makeup”. You’ll also find her “really making sure I cleanse and wash my face twice a day, especially on heavy makeup days, and hydrate and add all the serums because they really make a big difference. “. (Related: Reese Witherspoon Loves ‘Getting It Right’ For Her 22 Year Old Daughter: ‘Makes Me Feel So Young’)

When it comes to products, Witherspoon made his love poetry for Biossance, a skin care brand of which she is an ambassador. Witherspoon told the magazine she was “addicted” to the brand’s products, which she describes as “so effective, completely luxurious” and “unlike any other clean product. [she’s] never used. ”In the past, Witherspoon called Biossance Squalane Vitamin C Rose Oil (Buy it, $ 72, as his favorite item from the brand. She is too credited Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules (Buy it, $ 85,, smoothing redness and Jillian Dempsey Golden Carving Bar (Buy it, $ 195, by helping to “wake up” his face. (Related: Reese Witherspoon Kisses Her Gray Hair & Fine Lines With These Beauty Products)

And yes, Witherspoon believes in the age-old trifecta of beauty secrets, it seems everyone with amazing skin swears by. “I just believe in the importance of removing makeup every night, moisturizing your skin and protecting yourself from the sun!” she says Harper’s Bazaar. “It really accumulates – what you do to your skin at 18 shows up on your face at 40.” It’s true folks: removing makeup every night before bed and keeping your skin hydrated helps a lot, and wearing sunscreen every day isn’t negotiable.


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