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Often the best ideas come from good conversations.

Step into the Glow Lounge Medspa, an all-in-one stop for advanced skin care and services in Austin. Co-owned by Betsy Morem and Lindsey Haney, Glow Lounge was born out of those same conversations.

“A lot of my clients were having these services done, so I was like, we have the same market,” Haney said. “Betsy was like, ‘where are we going to make this happen?'”

Morem, a Twin Cities transplant in 2017 after meeting her husband, had been frequenting medspas for seven years prior and knew well what could be done for a client.

However, after moving to Austin, she realized that her options for continuing to go to medspas were limited.

“When I moved to Austin, I realized there weren’t any in town, so I was going to have to go to Rochester, where there are quite a few, or back up to the cities,” said said Morem. “That’s what I had done. Since I moved here I thought this place could really use a medical spa. Other people are also getting these services, but they are leaving town to do it. That was really my motivation for wanting to open a medspa.

Currently, the Glow Lounge is part of the Style Lounge, which Haney owns on Main Street.

Although apprehensive at first due to her love for the open, hip space that the Style Lounge is in, Haney quickly changed her mind once the small operating room was completed.

“I was really nervous about building an actual structure inside this space because it’s so open,” Haney said. “It’s a very unique space. When construction happened, I walked in and was like everything was perfect. He has such good energy.

It’s this shape and energy that makes the Glow Lounge work so perfectly according to Morem and Haney. The two companies complement each other in what they offer and they have found that customers often tend to cross paths.

“We thought those who are our clientele coming here to Style Lounge would be the clientele that would be interested in Glow Lounge,” Morem said. “I felt like it was a great place to build a treatment room and start seeing our clients.”

The Glow Lounge offers a variety of services, including chemical peels, facials, eyebrow removal, dermaplaning, and injectables such as Botox.

“We’re kind of a marriage, I guess, between a medical clinic and a spa,” Morem said.

For this reason, the Glow Lounge is required to work under an MD license, which allows them to perform procedures such as Botox injections. There is a nurse injector in aesthetics as well as two aestheticians in advanced practice. To be an advanced practice esthetician requires additional training.

Brenda Loucks is the aesthetic nurse injector with the Glow Lounge who manages the procedures, which help smooth out facial wrinkles. Before such procedures are carried out, a consultation must be carried out.

“We review medical history to make sure you’re the right candidate for treatment,” Loucks said. “We also review the risks of the treatments as well as the benefits and the consent form. All of these procedures are optional.

So far, the Glow Lounge has been well received by both customers and the Style Lounge. However, Style Lounge employees also showed interest.

This helped build a partnership between the two companies.

“Our staff have experience with some of these services and some of them are very interested in them,” Haney said. “They’re able to get those services, have those experiences, and share those experiences with our customers. We get an education on multiple avenues between the Glow Lounge and the Style Lounge, so that’s been really cool.

Although the Glow Lounge has received a positive reception at its current location, it won’t stay there for long. The Glow Lounge will move to another downtown location later this year. Morem expects the move to take place in July or August, depending on how quickly they can renovate the space.

“[People] are happy to save on a commute and time as this is something even going to Rochester can take four hours on your day,” Morem said. “[This is] for people who are really curious about it or want to know more or want to get it and haven’t really taken that step yet.

To learn more about the Glow Lounge, visit: http://glowmedspaaustin.com/.

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