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SPOKANE, Wash .– Hot temperatures and travel normally go hand in hand like a dream, but right now a local nonprofit in Spokane says you are heading for the door, they need your help to serve them. homeless community.

On Monday alone, the TSA reported that 2.2 million Americans traveled on Sunday alone, a massive increase from any point in the pandemic.

As the world reopens and the travel industry begins to reboot, Project Beauty Share Executive Director Julie Farley is hoping you will bring back more than just a snow globe from your next vacation.

Farley said that before the pandemic, the organization that donates items like shampoo, soap, makeup and feminine hygiene products to shelters was seeing a study donation of small travel-sized shampoos from hotels.

When Americans stopped traveling, that supply declined, but the need accelerated.

The main objective of Project Beauty Share is to provide hygiene items to women in need. Hygiene products cannot be purchased with food stamps, which increases the need.

Farley right now says demand from the organizations they supply in Spokane, Yakima Valley and Seattle says there is an increased need and small travel items to give people, not because of COVID but the temperatures. hot.

Project Beauty Share serves more than 130 agencies served and 65,000 families. Last year they distributed 80,000 books worth $ 2.7 million to families in our region.

“So with the shelters full, what you see, and I see it everyday on my way to work, are people swimming in their cars,” Farley said. “So we really feel like we need to step up like we did for COVID with soap. ”

As you hit the road this summer for your vacation, Farley is launching the SOS for your leftover shampoos and soaps.

“We feel the need to provide cleaning cloths, in small sizes for individuals, so if they can shower they will have some of these products,” Farley said.

Right now, due to the extreme heat and people living in their cars, the greatest need is for these hand wipes as it is with them that some people bathe.

Farley added that if you leave those little hotel soaps behind, the chances of them getting recycled are slim to zero.

So taking them home with you and donating them to Project Beauty Share ensures that a member of the community will get a must-have product for keeping clean.

Farley also said there is a massive need for feminine hygiene products and they always rule out donations.

There are donation boxes throughout Spokane. If you would like to donate to them directly, you can also follow this link to their Amazon wishlist.

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