Product sampling: Perfect Corp. partners with M A C Cosmetics and SoPost

Perfect Corp., M A C Cosmetics and online product sampling platform SoPost are collaborating on what the trio calls a “first-of-its-kind” digital and physical personalized product sampling experience. The process combines hyper-realistic AR virtual try-on and custom AI shade matching, with the convenience of physical product sampling delivered to consumers. The full-circle experience bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds, enabling consumers and brands to make more confident sampling and purchasing decisions, according to Perfect Corp.

The experience will first launch for the best-selling M A C Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in the UK.

M A C Cosmetics is part of The Estee Lauder Companies.

The sampling experience will be accessible through a call to action that can be found on multiple activation points, including social platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and retailer and brand websites. Opt-in customers for M A C Cosmetics will receive a special email with a unique, one-time-use link, according to Perfect Corp. The link will open to a special landing page that hosts the virtual try-on experience for the product.

SoPost will follow up with customers on behalf of M A C Cosmetics for a review of their product sampling experience to obtain customer insights and direct customers to specific purchase points online .

“We are thrilled to partner with M A C Cosmetics and SoPost to combine virtual product discovery with physical product sampling for a new-era experiential product discovery journey,” shares the Founder and CEO. of Perfect Corp. Alice Chang. “Consumers continue to turn to product sampling to make safer purchasing decisions. We’re excited to use AI and AR virtual try-on as a way to best match M A C customers with foundation swatches that best match their skin tone to build consumer confidence and help companies better distribute physical samples. ”

“In an ever-changing market where physical and digital are merging like never before, our next-generation VTO-based SoPost experience combines color matching with sampling in one seamless customer journey. Allowing a trial product like foundation to become more accessible than ever,” said Fiona Sainty, Vice President/General Manager of M A C Cosmetics UK & Ireland.

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