Pamela Joyce’s favorite things from today FM – beauty product she swears by and must-watch TV show

TV series

What a question to ask! How could I choose just one show out of all the terribly trashy TV shows I watch? I think it should be Brooklyn Nine Nine. Andy Samberg is just sublime in it and the writing is so good. I refuse to watch the last series though because I don’t want it to end.


I saw Beyoncé in Croke Park on her training tour and I haven’t been the same since. This woman is superhuman. I was having a blast for a little while but she didn’t even give me a single “meh” song to give me a chance. It was amazing to see her live.

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Beauty product

Everything Charlotte Tilbury gets her hands on is glorious. She is the Midas king of the beauty world. I especially like the Hollywood Flawless Filter when you just need a bit of a refresh but don’t want an all-over makeup look.

Fashion accessory

I think mentally I’m still in early morning mode after all the time I’ve been presenting at 5am on Today FM – so fashion and Pamela Joyce don’t belong in the same phrase together. If I’m wearing jeans instead of leggings, I’m basically black tie in my eyes. However, I recently bought a pair of Spanx leggings and live in them.


Coke Light. I’m obsessed with stuff. It’s my lifeline. My love. Which gets me out of bed in the morning.

Pamela Joyce on Today FM

travel destinations

My family and I are going to a beautiful town in southern Spain called La Cala de Mijas. I have such fond memories of this place as I have been going there since I was a child. Now, I leave with my sister and her children and create new memories with them. My God – how corny!

Hotel in Ireland

Carton House in Kildare is something special.

The person

I would be murdered if I chose just one person in my family – and I don’t think I could either. But it’s a family thing for me. I have such a close relationship with all my family members and they have played a huge role in shaping me as a person. To their dismay, I’m sure!


Again – I can’t choose just one. But growing up, I often went to Connemara with my father. I always asked him if I could sit on the folding armrest in the back of the car to see more, and with good reason. The drive to Clifden is spectacular, with lakes and mountains either side of you. We always listened to Tom Petty when we left, so his music means a lot to me too.

The best thing about me

Ah come on now – you can’t ask an Irish woman in her late twenties to say something nice about herself, I’ll spontaneously ignite! I guess I have the ability to make people smile and laugh, which I think is a pretty neat feature.

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