Overwatch 2 survey seeks feedback on cosmetic pricing and asks players if they’re willing to spend $45 on a character skin

For Overwatch 2 players looking to stand out, how much are you willing to spend on character skins and other in-game cosmetics? Blizzard hopes that’s a lot, as an Overwatch 2 survey has been sent out to players, and it looks like the target price listed so far for weapons, character skins, etc. be quite high.

In case you didn’t know, Blizzard is releasing the PvP (player versus player) component of Overwatch 2 for free for everyone. With that in mind, the studio (along with parent company Activision) is looking to recoup development costs by not only offering an in-game Battle Pass, but also selling cosmetics. One of the new cosmetics introduced in Overwatch 2 are “mythic” skins, which the studio gave players a taste of what they would look like when released.

In the survey sent out, he asks players if they’re willing to spend $45 on Mythic(!) skins, and $10 weapon charms, and other cosmetic items at ridiculous prices. One “pack” has three character sprays for $5, while another has an emote, highlight intro, and “souvenir” for $20.

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I don’t know about you, but $25 for a Legendary skin is crazy considering it’s almost half the price of most boxed AAA games sold these days. Maybe Blizzard (and Activision) are planning to sell skins at this price to attract the bastard gamers? Or maybe to spark huge FOMO (fear of missing out) vibes? Either way, I doubt many gamers will be happy at these prices.

What do you think? Are you willing to spend so much on character skins and other cosmetics to stand out? Leave your comment below and let us know.

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