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I am obsessed with sparkle. I always enjoy mixing and layering different types of highlighters to create the most dewy version of myself possible. But even though I can to simulate a glow, nothing beats naturally smooth and radiant skin. I’ve spoken to tons of makeup artists over the years, and they all emphasize the importance of starting with the right canvas. One of the best ways to do this is to exfoliate.

I have tried all kinds of brightening and smoothing masks looking for a mask that doesn’t irritate. Most physical exfoliators tend to be either too grainy, like sandpaper, or too soft and seemingly ineffective – and I haven’t had much luck with chemical exfoliators, either. So when I came across the Seduce Best of Beauty Winner GlamGlow Brightmud Double Action Exfoliant, I was intrigued.

I have combination skin and I need to exfoliate regularly: my T zone gets very oily, my pores get clogged easily, and there are dry patches on my cheeks, due to eczema. And as a brunette girl, dark spots appear quickly and remain for a very long time. Even though my routine already contains lightening ingredients, my complexion still tends to look dull from time to time. So I love looking for a lightening mask when I need that extra boost.

What causes dullness? “There are several possible factors for dull skin,” says dermatologist Sejal Shah, MD, as “not enough exfoliation, dehydration, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, smoking, using the wrong products for your skin, and environmental factors such as pollutants, UV rays and low humidity”.

To treat it, dermatologist Shereene Idriss, MD suggests exfoliating a few times a week. “Dull skin is usually attributed to dry skin, and people often think the answer to this is more hydration.

However, this is a misconception. »Exfoliating two or three times a week will give you the shine that it lacks. “Breaking down the dry skin or dead skin cells on the surface of your face will leave you looking fresher, brighter and more hydrated,” says Dr. Idriss.

If there’s one thing GlamGlow is known to do, it’s formulating strong, effective face masks. I remember the launch of the brand’s first mask, Supermud. He was everywhere and won many awards, including Pace Readers’ Choice Award, several years in a row. The bar was therefore already high enough. Fortunately, the Brightmud Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment did not disappoint.

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