Organic cosmetics: why make the switch and what to buy


If ‘beauty’ is the first word that comes to mind when you hear ‘cosmetics’, we invite you to think as sustainable, ethical and natural!

Do you know the ingredients in your favorite makeup products? No, we’re not talking about those complex scientific names on the back of fancy packaging, which are just a formality. Unfortunately, many big names in the beauty and makeup industry have deeper, darker secrets than they ever tell you. Apparently excellent, well-pigmented, smooth, and pretty-looking products rarely are. That’s why we want to encourage you to switch to organic cosmetics and makeup products – which are just as promising, with added benefits and without the fine print!

Why invest in organic cosmetics?

If the blatant lack of transparency of certain cosmetic brands on the constituents of their products is not enough to convince you, here are 3 more reasons to take the leap –

1. Organic products are much better for your skin. This one is the most obvious – all-natural and plant extracts, oils, and raw materials will be much gentler on your skin and are less likely to cause problems like those caused by toxic chemicals.

2. It is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. All 100% organic products are a combination of ethically sourced natural ingredients, are renewable resources and preserve the biodiversity of the region in which they grow. Unlike the petrochemicals used in regular cosmetics (which are toxic to you as well as the environment), methods like organic farming and biodynamic farming for organic cosmetics ensure holistic well-being!

3. The manufacturing process for organic cosmetics is much more socially ethical. It supports and stimulates many small and medium enterprises and local communities for the sourcing of raw materials. The process values ​​the lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with ethnic communities, as well as their corporate social responsibility.

Which products are really organic?

We’ve researched and put together a list to make your life easier!

Biotic natural products – Biotique products are guaranteed to be made from 100% pure, organic and preservative-free ingredients which are renewable natural resources. It has become one of the most trusted beauty and skin care brands in India as it continues to provide products with long term benefits and specially designed for Indian skin types. Check out some of the best makeup products they have to offer –

Biotique Natural Makeup Startstruck Matte Blush

₹ 337.00 – Buy now.

Biotique Natural Makeup Stardew Insta Glow Foundation

₹ 262.00 – Buy now.

SoulTree – It is the first Indian brand to offer certified European products, pure blends of Ayurvedic techniques and ingredients. The brand’s mantra is based on the triple seal of truth – Ayurvedic, Organic and Ethical. Check out some of the best organic makeup products that will leave your skin looking better than ever –

SoulTree Kajal Pure Black

₹ 695.00 – Buy now.

SoulTree Ayurvedic Lip Gloss – Lush Berry

₹ 890.00 – Buy now.

SoulTree Ayurvedic BB Cream

₹ 950.00 – Buy now.

SoulTree Ayurvedic Mascara – Black

₹ 950.00 – Buy now.

Forest essentials – It is one of the leading luxury beauty and makeup brands in India. They are the first to be truly transparent about the ingredients used in their products, which are all 100% organic and ethically sourced! Check out some of the makeup products they offer-

Forest Essentials Cobalt blue Gulaab Khaas Kajal

₹ 775.00 – Buy now.

Gulaabi Noor Nikhaar Forest Essentials cheek tint

₹ 1,350.00 – Buy now.

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