October launch review: 6 brands to know

October is shaping up to be an extremely fragrant month, with the launch of five remarkable first fragrances. This does not mean that both Billie Eilish and Addison Rae have announced the next fragrances. Maybe it’s because everyone’s back that smelling good is a priority. There’s also a makeup launch from Urban Decay founder Wende Zomnir, as well as new luxury body treatments. Below are the notable brands that made their debut in the market this month.

Bo’s house

This new luxury perfume brand launched with three fragrances at $ 290 each and a perfume base at $ 65. The latter is intended to enhance the scent and make it last longer, while providing skin benefits with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. Founder Bernardo Moller was inspired by his Mexican heritage to inform the first perfumes, Agua de Santos, La Mar and Espíritu. The striking caps are individually hand carved by Mexican artisans from reclaimed natural travertine marble stone. The brand is launching direct sales to the consumer.


Wende Zomnir is back with a brand new brand. The founder of Urban Decay joined forces with the brand’s “vibeologist” (official title), Jenna Dover, to create this new “clean” makeup brand that launched direct-to-consumer. The brand describes itself as “a dream wellness lifestyle made from clean formulas. dirty minds and the energy of Tuesday Taco. It launched with one mascara ($ 24) and three shades of eyeliner ($ 20 each).


Brianna Arps is a former Refinery 29 writer who became the founder of Black In Fragrance and its first associated brand, Moodeaux. The first work to support the people of BIPOC in the perfume industry, where they are historically under-represented. The latter launched this month with a scent, “Worthy” ($ 75), meant to remind wearers of their own worth.

The Verden

The Verden is a new luxury consumer body care line focused on the idea of ​​providing users with a “portal” to a new location. Each collection will be based on three elements: a place, an ingredient and a practice. For the first collection, which includes bath salts, shower gel, body lotion and a refillable candle (prices range from $ 50 to $ 85), a Korean bamboo forest serves as the venue, and bamboo salt is the ingredient. Bamboo salt is commonly used in South Korea for healing, which is the practice. The brand has created a playlist of traditional Korean music to accompany customers’ baths. Bath salts are now available on the brand’s website, the rest of the products will arrive soon.


Lilanur debuted at Bergdorf Goodman with 10 fragrances, ranging from $ 275 to $ 420, all inspired by the scents of India. These scents include tuberose, jasmine and rose. The brand is the brainchild of Anita Lal, who also founded sustainable luxury retailer Good Earth India. She teamed up with Paul Austin, former global vice-president of the Fine Fragrance division of Givaudan, to create the collection.

Air scent

October marked the launch of the very first air-based fragrance. High-tech CO2 conversion made the creation of the product more sustainable. So what does the air smell like? In this case, it is a perfume with hints of orange bark, fig leaf, jasmine, powdery musk and tobacco. The perfume is available on the brand’s website for pre-order.

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