NZ’s Me Today CEO describes expansion plans in Japan, Australia and Ireland with supplement and skin care lines

Known for its supplements and natural skin care products that link inner and outer health and beauty, Me Today products target needs ranging from general health and wellness, to sleep, stress, to skin, eyes, immune to hydration, brightening and nourishing.

The company recently signed a distribution contract with MASH Beauty Lab in Japan, which will allow it to develop 10 supplements and skin care products for the market.

The products are expected to launch later in October, in the distribution chain (Biople by CosmeKitchen) owned by MASH Beauty Lab.

While the actual products are yet to be disclosed, Me Today CEO Michael Kerr said some of them will include a daily multi-nutrient supplement for men and women, as well as a beauty supplement from the interior.

In Japan, the products are currently undergoing regulatory testing and work with a view to their launch.

Me Today hopes to eventually expand the range, products and sales channels in Japan, and consider integrating its existing line of products sold in New Zealand.

Watch the video to learn more about Kerr.

New markets

Besides Japan, Me Today also recently signed an agreement with Uniphar Wholesale in Ireland, which operates drugstore chains such as Allcare, Life and Hickey’s.

The products should be on shelves in September 2021.

In Australia, Me Today also signed a deal with Adore Beauty, an online-only cosmetics retailer, which will see it launch a select line of supplements and skin care products by Q4 2021.

The products will be available on the Australian and New Zealand Adore Beauty sites.

Kerr said NutraIngredients-Asia: “Over the next 12 months, we will launch and explore new markets to drive the growth of our supplement and skin care line. We are also excited about the New Zealand market which will allow us to enter other categories and create cross-category solutions for consumers.. “

Domestic market

Kerr and two other founders created Me Today in 2019 to connect indoor and outdoor health and beauty under one brand.

Me Today isn’t just about supplements, it’s about skin care too, so we’re a single-brand solution across multiple categories.. “

In its home market, New Zealand, its top-selling supplements include Daily Multivitamins for Women, a Sleep Supplement, Daily Multivitamins for Men, and a Hair, Skin, and Nails Supplement.

In the field of skin care, its daily moisturizer and serum for women are popular products.

He recently launched a face oil to restore and hydrate the skin, as well as a rosehip oil to target stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.

In New Zealand, its main retail partner is Green Cross Health, which has a chain pharmacy network including Unichem and Life Pharmacy stores.

According to Kerr, the company plans to further roll out its products to more independent pharmacies and department stores.

Financial results

Last year, CSM Group Limited acquired Me Today and its sales and marketing business The Good Brand Company Limited. This acquisition will help accelerate the growth of its existing New Zealand market as well as new markets and provide capital to invest in product development.

Me Today reported gross revenue of NZ $ 1.4 million (US $ 1 million) for its first fiscal year and expects annual gross revenue for fiscal 22 to more than double to at least 3 million New Zealand dollars (US $ 2.1 million).

Kerr added that average monthly sales rose 15-20% in FY21, amid the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He added: “We were fortunate to be able to continue operating despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

There was noticeable pressure on the supply of raw materials, but also materials for packaging, but we were fortunate to have pre-booked some packaging, before entering COVID-19. “

As commodity prices continue to rise, we are also receiving more orders from our end, which we are happy with. We are aware of these challenges and continue to work with our subcontractors, packaging companies and retail partners to hopefully mitigate some of these increases over the coming months.. “

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