New beauty discovery app helps influencers match their cosmetics and skincare needs with the latest trends

Glamai app is now available for beauty influencers to download and sign up

Glamai gathers open source data from websites, beauty product retailers and social media to provide product overview breakdown in contextual keywords

Glamai is a beauty discovery app designed to help beauty influencers discover the latest and greatest products based on their unique needs and tastes to find the best match.

Harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence, the Glamai app brings together beauty product information from the websites of brands, affiliates and major US beauty retailers such as Sephora, as well as various social media platforms, in small “keytalks” (keyword + talks) to make them visible.

The app has accumulated over 19,000 keytalks and provides real-time information recommendations based on what you’re looking for, ranging from “Moisturizers You Need This Summer” to “Dewy Glow, Skin Plumping Treatments”, said Emma Kim, CEO of Glamai.

“Beauty influencers are constantly on the lookout for the best products, but the reality is that we all have different beauty concerns and conditions, so there is no single recommendation for skincare and cosmetics. “

“Glamai helps influencers find the right keytalk for each product, so it’s easier for them to describe who the recommendation is relevant for and what other alternatives are available for people with a different skin condition but looking for a similar effect.”

Powered by Mycelebs AI Ops Engine, the platform aims to enable all forms of beauty by curating real contextual information to help consumers make more informed beauty decisions.

“Glamai will fill the information gap in the beauty industry and help advance diversity in cosmetics and skincare for diverse ethnicities, ages, cultural groups and occasions,” added Kim.

Glamai is available to all kinds of beauty influencers, including beauty professionals and content creators, and is available on iOS and Android. Keytalk rankings are also available on the website at

About Mycelebs

Mycelebs is an AI solutions company that helps businesses automate digital tasks and reduce operational costs. Founded in 2016, Mycelebs is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and has over 120 patents filed worldwide. In 2020, Mycelebs launched an IA beauty assistant Glamai in affiliation with Sephora, and an IA hotel reservation service Staypia in affiliation with HotelsCombined. In 2021, Mycelebs was named one of three finalists for the LVMH Innovation Award in the Data & AI category.


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