Must try new skin care products for radiant, blemish-free skin FromTwasa Cosmetics


Twasa, India’s Leading Skin Care and Cosmetics Manufacturer, Adds New Feather With Best New Line of Skin Care Products Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India – Business Wire India Twasa Cosmetics is a holistic beauty brand dedicated to bringing the most unique and effective ingredients to skin care products. Having extensive manufacturing experience, we are delighted to launch an exclusively iconic luxury natural skincare product for the Indian consumer.

It’s time to change our skincare routine. Treat yourself to a new skin care regimen with the latest products from the Twasa skin care line: Vitamin C Skin Booster, Vitamin C Serum, Face Mist – Activated Charcoal Clay Face Wash, Clay Mask, Soap charcoal made from 100% vegan and natural ingredients.

Twasa Skin Care will launch several new products such as Hair Shampoo, Hair Oils, Hair Mask, Tea Tree Line, Natural Lip Balms and many more over the coming months.

Twasa is India’s leading manufacturer of organic beauty products with a strong portfolio of luxury cosmetics, has an exclusively dedicated R&D lab with cutting edge science and technology to develop the latest innovations accessible to those looking for the next one. border of beauty. They are headquartered in Gujarat, India.

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