Musician Dayme wants to be the next Kylie Jenner with cosmetics buyout


Singer-songwriter, Dayme, is focused on improving its cosmetics line, although it recognizes that the celebrity makeup arena is a crowded market. However, Dayme hopes that a recent drop in popularity for dominant brands, like Kylie Cosmetics, opened the door to a new brand.

The Blast is told to fans of Cosmetics Dayme I love that she doesn’t just preach empowerment, but lives it through her brand. In addition to starting her own business, Dayme went on to become a licensed cosmetologist and actually formulated several of her own products, including her own lip glosses.

Dayme rose to fame in the early 2000s with her iconic crochet hook Jay Zthe song of “H À LA IZZO. She also appeared in the 2013 remake of ‘The Great Gatsby’, followed by her work with Enrique Iglesias, as well as with MTV and “The View”. Later, she took advantage of her financial success in the music industry to launch her own products, including the cosmetics line.

FAME by Sheeraz

We are told that Dayme Cosmetics has experienced a very meteoric rise in recent years. While many of its products sold out when they launched, Dayme Cosmetics’ Dream Glitter Lip Kits have turned heads across the cosmetics industry, taking on top brands for months at a time. World-renowned British rock and pop star Yungblud is said to have become a huge fan of this glitter lip kit, so Dayme ditched the Whiskey a Go-Go and gifted her some of her kits before her show. .

“Every customer who uses one of our products chooses to be their best when and where they want. I have personally made sure that our dreamy glitter kits are stain resistant, so you can kiss them, swim with them, eat, drink, live your life your way without worrying that your look will be ruined, ”a explained the star.

Dayme added, “Our products help you attract love, romance, money, success… self-respect due to trust because it truly is the sexiest power you can have. I like that kind of empowerment.

We are told that Dayme is in talks with representatives of big stars to promote his brand and collaborate with Dayme Cosmetics on international media campaigns. Stars like Harry Styles, Olivia rodrigo and even Italian rock sensation, Maneskin have been mentioned, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Dayme is also due to release her latest single and music video “Just Sayin” in September.


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