Mr. Smith’s foundation cream is my curl defining hero


My curls are never the same two days in a row, but they get really chaotic when the cold, dry air of the winter and fall months begins to turn to heat and humidity. My hair is basically losing all grip, texture and volume. So through The Mr. Smith Foundation was kind of a miracle.

Even though it happens with every change of season, what happens to my curls leaves me stunned. Single. year. My hair gets so silky, which I understand may be a desirable trait for straighter locks … but not when it means looking like a deflated balloon. If I touch my hair too much, it becomes smooth and without curls. And if I put it with a scrunchie for just five minutes, it already needs a reset.

Although there are many products designed to tame this problem, I have never found The one. I am incredibly wary of hair care products and lines not formulated specifically for curls, which rules out a lot. That said, I will try any beauty product once – and I was intrigued by the concept of Mr. Smith’s hair brand shyly named The Foundation as a styler that enhances the body of your locks. Here is why it has become a mainstay of my hair care regimen.

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First of all: the basics

Think of The Foundation as the foundation of your hair care routine: it supports the steps that follow. It’s supposed to be the first styling product on your regimen – luckily, its texture is light, so it doesn’t weigh down your mane. You can easily layer it or layer it with other products, so it’s really customizable.

Its formula is full of nourishing ingredients: Quandong and desert lime extract, both of which are powerful sources of vitamin C; trembling aspen, a vitamin B which protects; and ginger root oil strengthen. An additional advantage is that it protects against UV rays. This will protect your hair and scalp, areas that people tend to overlook in their SPF routine, from sun damage. It’s also sulfate-free, so it works to keep moisture in your locks while you get the benefits of styling.

You can use The Foundation in all kinds of ways because it is virtually unnoticeable in the hair. But, whatever your use, you will have more volume, shine and hold. For the easiest maintenance way to reap its body benefits, simply apply it to your hair after a shower while it is still damp.

Why am i obsessed

I have a very specific mood board in mind for my locks: voluminous vixens with curly hair from the 80s. I think of Julia Roberts, before-Sex and the city Sarah Jessica Parker and Cher. My hair after using the Mr. Smith Foundation is the closest I’ve ever gotten to achieve this iconic look.

After combing my hair in the shower, I wring it out, then squeeze enough product to coat both hands. I will run my hands over the top of my head and under my neck, then tousle it deep between the strands. That’s it – I just let my hair air dry while occasionally running my fingers and rocking my curls.

Once it’s installed, my hair is incredibly light – I don’t experience any irritation from the sweat that my curls usually experience during the summer. I’m also blown away that it doesn’t change my loop pattern – it amplifies it. Frequently I experience a situation where a styling product for curly hair either shrinks my hair into tighter coils or pulls it into looser waves. But my curls were the same with The Foundation, only better: full of grip, volume and shine while retaining all of their natural texture. When I use it I feel like my hair becomes the darling of Farah Fawcett and Cher circa Dreamer.

While the product is made with the intention that you can build on it, I don’t. My philosophy is to keep my routine as easy as possible, and this stuff does the trick.

The TL; DR

I have been using The Foundation for two months and am still amazed at the end results every time. My curls are thick, full and shiny. Not only has it minimized my hair routine, it’s also the only non-curl specific hair care product I’ve fallen in love with. If you’re looking for a must-have styler that boosts volume, add it to the cart.


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