MensXP CEO explains how the company plans to conquer India’s men’s grooming industry

MensXP is a men’s lifestyle e-commerce platform that was acquired by media conglomerate Times Group eight years ago.

Talk to CosmeticsDesign-Asia, Founder and CEO Angad Bhatia expressed enthusiasm for the men’s care space in India, attributing its growth potential to underlying changes in lifestyle and consumer attitudes.

“Masculinity in India has undergone a transformational change. It is no longer the broad macho image of the Indian man that was portrayed earlier in Bollywood movies. The new Indian is more progressive; he cares about mental health and is alternative in his fashion sense ”, said Bhatia.

Aided by the advent of social media, this demographic has developed a desire to express their individuality. “Social media has led to a lot of democratization and has essentially become the first medium, especially for young Indian men, to finally express themselves”, said Bhatia.
Connectivity has also exposed these consumers to global cosmetic trends such as K beauty and clean beauty.

“Men, in general, are becoming more and more aware of how and where their products come from. They want to know what’s inside the product. You will be surprised to find that the understanding of the ingredients among Indian men is increasing day by day ”, said Bhatia.

Bhatia told us that the men’s grooming space is “Big but still very new” and still full of opportunities.

“The men’s market is complicated, but I think what’s exciting about the men’s market is the scale it can reach over the next three to four years. I think that’s what a lot of DTC brands are banking on. And as for MensXP, we are building a market for them, we are building the Sephora for the men, the Nykaa for the men.

A three-pronged strategy

To achieve this, the company first plans to introduce more new brands that will be exclusive to its portfolio. Over the next 12 months, at least 25 brands will be launched with MensXP.

“We want to be in a position where we’re not only exposing Indian men to great local brands, but we’re also trying to bring international brands to the country. I think this will really create a lot of enthusiasm in the Indian market ”, said Bhatia.

With the men’s market still in its infancy, the company believes there are still many gaps in the market that it can tap into. To this end, she plans to create or incubate new men’s skincare brands.

“What we’re looking to do is basically fund close to five companies over the next 12 months. We will partner with them or develop new brands. We understand that every good DTC brand needs good entrepreneurs, and we will identify them and support them to create these new brands ”, said Bhatia.

Last but not least, MensXP is stepping up its efforts in education, which it considers vital for the market.

“We conducted a survey and found that 93% of our consumers… still do not understand what their skin type is or what complexion they have”said Bhatia.

Besides content like social media posts and blog posts, he is also working on the development of tools powered by artificial intelligence.

“With better technology, we can help our consumers understand their skin and its causes and essentially equip and empower Indian men.”

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