Meet the new Michelle Chia, the ageless host-turned-livestream-seller living her best life in her 40s

“We went to Germany in October to live stream and sell European products, like branded items and high-end products. People want that because they haven’t traveled. germany was the first VTL to open, and 15 of us went – ​​it was a big team. We sold a collagen drink called Elastin – it sold very well. Also a hyaluronic drink called Hyaluron – also sold very well. Lots of German brands too – people really like and trust German R&D and technology.

“We also sold designer brands like Bottega Veneta, Chloé, Fendi, Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Swarovski, Armani Exchange, all the big brands. There’s this Italian bag brand called Buti – Addy sold 5,000 of their bags in one session live to Singaporeans.. One session!And they are not cheap.Each bag is in the thousands. We went to a mall called Galeria in Germany, where we had an agreement with them to set up our livestream in their space and sell whatever we wanted. So we chose the things we wanted to sell, and our admins created all the links to buy and calculated the prices, including shipping. It’s still cheaper than buying online or going abroad to buy them yourself, because you save on accommodation and airfare.

Even if there were problems with the deliveries afterwards, we take it positively. It was meant to be an experience, to expand our footprint and provide more choices for our customers. We believe we can improve and be better. After refunding some items from Germany (for unfulfilled orders), we managed to break even in our sales in Germany and suffered no loss..”


“I was selling accessories, showing this necklace and telling the public about it. But before I could put it on, they were like ‘Boss, it’s sold out’. It’s really killer. You have to be fast , otherwise you will not succeed.

“So basically you enter the code of the item you want to buy, and you get the link to pay, and you have to quickly go and pay. We sold sunglasses, and it’s crazy. I’m am just put on the face, and it sold. And it’s not cheap, like a few hundred dollars. Although I think it’s not so much about whether things are cheaper or not, it’s about not having to go out of the house and have a personal shopper tell you about this thing, answer your questions and explain to you how it works. may not know what to pair them with, but when I wear something they see what it can go with and they want it. It’s fun, I appreciate it!

“Mdada now has 13,000 square feet of office space, which has a studio from which we broadcast live, and approximately 40 full-time employees working for us. In November 2021, we achieved more than S$3 million in revenue. How much discount we take with the products we sell? It’s a secret! We’re doing well, but we can’t be complacent because there are so many people doing this, and many others are trying to follow suit. But I can say with confidence that we are the most established company, not just a few people running a livestream.


“At the age of almost 50, I learned something new and acquired new skills. It’s about living life to the fullest. So the day I leave this world, I can tell myself that I had an exciting life.

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