Makeup Artist Nam Vo on Secrets for Sculpted Skin and ‘Dewy Dumpling’

Makeup artist Nam Vo is known for painting the faces of some of Hollywood’s biggest names, like Kylie Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Aimee Song, but she’s also the creator of one of the most delicious nicknames in the skin care world. skin: “dew dumpling,” aka a complexion so flawless and radiant, you look like a perfectly plump dumpling. Not only is she renowned for creating this look on her clients, but she herself is the ultimate dew dumpling, all the shiny skin and cheekbones that could cross your phone screen. The artist is a big believer in a consistent skincare routine, and skin care tools in particular, and luckily for you, Vo was happy to bless TZR with her facial sculpting secrets.

“There is the old school, which [is when] people use gua sha and jade scroll, ”Vo told TZR on the phone about her favorite face sculpting techniques. Indeed, the gua sha tool has existed since the Paleolithic and is still a must-have among beauty lovers. However, his personal preference is something a little more high-tech, like NuFACE Trinity Facial Toner. In addition to NuFACE, other promising products like Shani Darden’s Facial Sculpting Wand – which uses sound wave technology to lift and firm the skin – are game-changing according to Vo.

When it comes to using a sculpting tool, Vo likens home treatment to training. “It’s like when you go to the gym and work out, you use dumbbells to lift your biceps and triceps,” she explains. “We have muscles in our face that I think a lot of people don’t realize, [and] you can’t exactly put dumbbells on your cheekbones. But, she says, one tool, especially a microcurrent device, helps lift and stimulate those facial muscles, while also working to isolate them. In fact, whether you like to stick with a traditional gua sha tool or gravitate towards a more advanced iteration, you’ll have a sculpted, more toned complexion in just a few minutes, as long as you use them consistently.

Below, find the makeup artist’s top tips for using a face sculpting tool, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a dewball.

Consistency is the key

Much like a workout (or really anything skincare related), Vo says consistency is key when it comes to seeing results from a sculpting tool. “Once will help, but consistency will help you throughout your life,” she explains. The makeup artist typically uses a sculpting tool three to seven days a week, depending on her schedule.

Use it before skin care

Before using any tool, Vo will first cleanse his face, then apply a gel (especially NuFACE’s Priming Gel) before using the device – this helps to conduct the microcurrent of your device. preferred, which in turn stimulates the muscles.

Once she has completed her five minute mini facial, she will then move on to her skincare routine. The makeup artist chooses to keep the primer gel and massage it into the skin before application, however, she says some prefer to remove it after using the tool. If you’re new to using a facial tool, try incorporating an extra five minutes into your morning routine so you can reap the lifting benefits throughout the day.

Always use the correct primer

While it may seem tempting to just splash your face before using a high-tech tool, Vo does not recommend it. In most cases, devices will come with a gel primer. “The current cannot work without this gel-liquid [consistency] to conduct the current, ”she explains. “So if you just put on water, or if you think you’re going to use moisturizer, it won’t work.” In fact, Vo compares preparing a microcurrent tool to obtaining an ultrasound. “When you get an ultrasound and they run it [the sound waves] through it, the gel is the conductive liquid which must marry the two things.

To add to this, other tools are sold with a specific gel, for example, Shani Darden’s Facial Sculpting Wand has her Hydra Prep Gel. However, if you are using a gua sha tool or a jade roller for sculpting, a face serum or oil is all you need to give the skin a little bit of glide to make the tool glide more easily.

Time of day to use

When it comes to timing, Vo says you can use a high-tech sculpting device in the morning or evening. If she’s on set for a photoshoot, she’ll use it an hour or two before to give her skin a nice boost for the cameras. But she also likes to use it because she’s snuggled up on the couch at night watching her favorite shows.

On the other hand, if you go for a gua sha tool, you might want to use it in the morning. According to Dr. Amanda Doyle, Board Certified Dermatologist, “I would recommend doing this in the morning because when we sleep at night and are completely flat, the blood flow levels out and excess fluid tends to build up on our face and under our eyes.” If a sculpted complexion is the goal, adding a tool to your morning routine is your best bet.

Go in the right direction

When it comes to direction, Vo likes to use a microcurrent device starting in the middle of the face and working your way outward. For example, if you are targeting your cheekbones, you can start with your favorite tool at the corner of your nose and follow the line of your bone structure until you reach the hairline.

And for those using a manual tool, like the gua sha, kansa wand, or a jade roller, you’ll want to stroke it upward, down the side of the neck and across the neckline and then out to the face. Always remember to lift your skin and move that stagnant lymph around (which will help deflate and bring attention back to your cheekbones).

How to get a targeted facelift

“I like to do advanced takes,” Vo explains, which means holding the tool in one place for a few seconds (if you’re using a NuFACE, this will be one of two beeps). “If you want a more focused lift and if you have an area that you really want to work on – for me it’s my cheeks – then I’ll hold it under my cheekbone for a beep or two,” she adds.

From jade roller and gua sha tools to cutting edge devices, below buy the best face sculpting tools on the market. And, of course, follow Vo’s advice when using it to see that topspin effect.

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