Kylie Jenner announces the arrival of the Kylie Cosmetics Foundation

Kylie Jenner, mother of of them three (including her OG baby Kylie Cosmetics, of course) is the latest member of the TikTok hype, sharing her own quick snippet vlogs and dance routines. Now, while we love seeing that side of Ky, what’s more exciting comes to us via his Instagram page – the real O.G.

On the ‘Gram, we’ve seen everything from King Kylie makeup to 90s thin brows and even a (casual) twin sister look, however, this time it’s not a beauty beat we’re talking about. but a beauty ad. In my opinion, what follows is more exciting than the announcement of her second baby name. Although at this point we have already accepted the nameless spell that was served to us.

In the post shared on the Kylie Cosmetics account, the caption reads: “@kyliejenner in the lab 🥼 💕 we can’t wait to share all the new products we have coming up. is this this foundation that we let’s see? 🤫”. The question does not mislead anyone, it is the revealing sign of the launch of a new foundation! Scroll through the carousel below to see some BTS snaps:

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As we can see, Kylie traveled to the makeup lab in Milan, Italy to walk through the foundation creation process herself.

And not only that, but she even shared a TikTok video:

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Sharing some details of her trip, in the video, Kylie says, “We’re in Milan for 24 hours visiting all the makeup factories, checking out the upcoming KylieCosmetics new releases that I’m very excited about. And I wanted to take you guys with me”.

Side note: How cute were these pink macaroons and donuts? ! Oh and we also have to salute the white coat. You move, Ky.

As one person said in the comments: “khemist kylie 👑✨ can’t wait 😍”. We are multi-talented kween.

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