Kosas Wet Oil Lip Gloss Review + Notable Ingredients

Most plumping glosses I’ve tried leave a sticky residue for hours. And even when they avoid unwanted stickiness, long-lasting formulas are usually uncomfortable to wear. Not to mention that the burning and tingling sensation induced by many plumping products is not actually necessary to make the lips appear full. (Beauty does not need to be pain!)

Yet somehow Kosas Oil manages to sidestep all of these common issues, plumping your pout to perfection without stinging. The secret to this formula is hyaluronic acid, which draws moisture into my lips to make them look fuller. It’s a win-win; my lips look great and benefit from the extra increase in hydration in the long run.

In addition, the shade of this product is a perfect compromise for everyday use. It’s not too pigmented, so I can swipe it over any lipstick for extra shine without overwhelming the shade. However, on days when I only wear lip balm, the gloss adds a noticeable tint that is just enough to elevate this “no makeup” look.

Plus, the finish is shimmerier than a sparkle, so it won’t take you back to the disco ball-inspired pantyhose sparkles of your tweens. Yet, it never fails to make your lip pop; consider it the perfect top coat for any look you’re going for, whether it’s a daytime stroll or a night on the town.

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