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CERRITOS, Calif., May 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Korea Ginseng Corp. (KGC) is pleased to announce that its Korean Red Ginseng product, Koreselect Balance, has received the 2021 Taste for Life Health Essentials Award. It has been recognized for its ability to naturally relieve the symptoms of menopause. Koreselect Balance contains herbal ingredients, such as peony root extract and bamboo leaf extract, as well as 6 year old Korean red ginseng which is known to help relieve menopause.

“We are delighted that Koreselect Balance has been selected by Taste of Life as an essential product for women,” said Adam Goodman, vice president of sales for Korea Ginseng Corporation. “We understand that women have a variety of products to choose from for menopause relief and we are honored to be recognized in the industry for the attributes of Koreselect Balances.”

For over 120 years, KGC and its CheongKwanJang brand, the world’s No. 1 brand of ginseng, have been dedicated to providing the world’s finest Korean red ginseng. KGC Korean Red Ginseng contains unique compounds known for their unique health and wellness properties. Ginseng has been extensively studied and widely reported to help maintain the immune system and improve resistance to disease, including fighting inflammatory diseases and infections.

The 2021 Taste for Life Essentials Health Awards showcase exceptional products essential for women. The products focused on a few areas including: bone support, cleansing, collagen, multivitamins, menopause symptoms, hormonal balance, food and drink, libido, nasal spray, omega , Wellness Support, Probiotics, Prenatal, Skin Care, Stress, Urinary Tract Support and Beauty. Award-winning products offer formulations that help the body reap the benefits more effectively to support overall health and wellness. For more information or to learn more about the Taste for Life Food Essentials Awards taking place in July, visit https://www.tasteforlife.com/womens-health-essentials-2021

About Korea Ginseng Corp.
For over 120 years, Korea Ginseng Corp. and its brand CheongKwanJang, the world’s No. 1 brand of ginseng, are dedicated to supplying the world’s leading Korean red ginseng. The main benefits of Korean red ginseng include: supporting a healthy immune response; support healthy energy and endurance levels; support healthy brain function and blood circulation; and support menopause relief. Korean red ginseng is also rich in antioxidants. For more information, visit https://www.kgcus.com/. You can also follow Korea Ginseng Corp. on Facebook: www.facebook.com/KGCUS, Twitter: www.twitter.com/KGCUS, Instagram: www.instagram.com/KGCUS and YouTube: www.youtube.com/KGCUS.

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